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How to fix the #1 swing flaw to make more hard contact (fast) and crush it in 2019

I want to share something with you:

The way we teach and train our young players in this country today....

is completely insane.

Like, have you ever listened to a coach talk about hitting and thought to yourself…

"Does this guy knows what he’s talking about"?

Or have you ever heard conflicting theories on how to hit and weren’t sure who to trust? 

It's really confusing, right??

Even me, a guy who made it into pro ball, coaches his son's team and RUN A POPULAR BASEBALL WEBSITE for goodness sakes...

...is still confused when I hear the "guru's" talk about hitting.

It is almost impossible for anyone without a lifetime of experience in the game to really know what they're talking about!

There's just so much conflicting info out there online today.

It's 2019 and we're drowning in information...

...and starving for wisdom.

Too many "opinions".  Too many "theories".

Like, have you ever heard a vegan talk about their diet and how healthy they are, and you’re like:

“That makes sense I guess…I should become a vegan!”

[Ok, you probably never thought you should become a vegan. Being a vegan sounds awful – am I right? But for now, lets pretend you’ve thought this before]

Then, you hear some Keto expert talk about the benefits of high fat diets and now you’re like:

“That makes sense I guess…I should eat more Keto!”

It’s like, how the heck are we supposed to know?

It’s the same with the baseball swing.   

Now, I don't know about you but I'm somebody who values results.

I really don't care about your "theory" and all the jargon in your slow-mo analysis...

...I just want my kid to hit better.

I want the results.

But because of all of the conflicting voices today, we're left with confused kids...

...confused parents...

...and confused coaches.

All relying on buzzwords and outdated teachings passed down from yesteryear.

Take a look at this crew:

As Einstein said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results"  

Our kids uniforms may fit a little better, but the same troubles the pipe-puffing Little Rascals had on the baseball field are the same ones our kids are struggling with today!

And to me, the problem is simple:

We are learning from the wrong people!

There are people who have LOADS of experience in the game, whose methods have been proven at the Major League level...

...who actually DO have the guidance we can trust.

Who actually DO help hitters be consistent...

...improve balance, improve HARD contact....

...increase poWer.

The guys who big leaguers seek out.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could finally hear from THAT type of guy?

Think that'd be beneficial for our kids?

Well I've got good news...I got one for us.

Enter: Mike Brumley

I first saw Mike giving a lesson at a place where my son was doing some training.

I didn't know who he was at the time, but was I was FASCINATED by what was going on in his cage.

The hitter he was working with - an average looking 15-ish year old, probably 140lbs.  He had shaggy brown hair, no hat, was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. 

Nothing remarkable about him.

And this un-remarkable kid....had an UNBELIEVABLY pretty swing.

Left handed hitter and smooth, smooth, smooth

The ball was JUMPING off his bat.

My son gets on to me if I'm not watching him during every bear crawl and every swing, but that day I totally abandoned ship...

Because I couldn't take my eyes off of the kid's lesson.

And the instructor (Mike) was having him do some real unconventional stuff. 

Things I had never seen.

Short bat, long bat...

...full swings, check swings...

...one hand, two hands.

And I wanted to be a hater, because that's usually my knee jerk reaction when I see a guy doing something new...

(not great, I know!)

But man, this kid was raking and looked sooooo clean.

 So I call my buddy who owns the academy to find out more about the instructor, and low and behold...

...he's the hitting coordinator for the Atlanta Braves!

("Hitting coordinator" means he's entrusted with the development of the entire organization's hitting prospects.  No big deal!)

So I'm like, "I need to interview this guy for the website.  Plus, if he engineered THAT kid's swing then I may need to do some of this with my boy."

So I get a hold of Mike, he and I meet up about a week later and our conversation goes like this:

Me:  I was spying on a lesson you gave last week. David I think the kid's name was. I was fascinated.

Mike: Oh yeah?  Yes, David's come a long way.  We've got him at a good point right now.

Me: No doubt!  I couldn't stop watching him.  I noticed that you kept using different sized bats, did a bunch of bare hand drills and such....what were you guys working on?

[Pay attention right here, this is big]

Mike: "Well, I've been in the game a long time [over 30 years at the professional level] and I've found it hard to "explain" adjustments to a player.  You can't "explain" what a good swing should *feel* like.  But over time I've tried every hundreds of different methods and the ones I use now are the best at making a player *feel* the right movement."

You ever hear something that just REALLY strikes a chord with you? 

That you agree with so strongly but had never put it into words?  That was me in that moment.

We keep talked about a few big MLB names who he works pretty closely with, and I asked him if his techniques work with young players too.

Mike:  For sure.  When I was in Seattle I worked with Raul Ibanez's son.  Raul loved the changes I helped him make in his own swing, so he asked me to work with his 12 year old.  We made really great progress with him too.

And Raul told me, 'You know you've got the truth when what you teach can help a 41 year old big leaguer AND a 12 year old kid'.

I don't work with young kids as often just because of my schedule, but they actually tend to improve the fastest.  

Their bad habits aren't as deeply ingrained as the older guys.  Plus the props I use kinda force them into the right positions anyway.

Me: Man, there's probably no higher endorsement than when a 20 year big league vet who's seen it all wants YOU to work with his own son.  

What do you focus on with the younger kids?

Mike: I've probably worked with THOUSANDS of local players youth/HS players while on the Major League trail, and it's always the same problems I'm trying to fix.

What most of these kids are being taught isn't great.  Most coaches don't know how to help players, they're just trying to explain what they think worked for them when they played.

And it's too bad.  These are good kids who want to put in the work and want to achieve something.

I see it all the time, kids have major flaws but nobody fixes them because they're getting hits at the moment even with their bad swing.

But usually they're just one trick ponies.

Like, they only hit the ball hard to one side of the field...

...or can really only handle one particular speed...

...in one particular location...

...and only when their timing is juuuust right.

Basically, a LOT of moons have to line up in order for them to have success.

...but I'll tell you this:

99% of young players today will never handle good pitching with how they're swinging now.

And I've found that the things I teach now, what I've learned and borrowed from so many good coaches before me...

Makes hitters better.  More contact.  Harder Contact.  It's as simple as that."

[Note: Mike doesn't love me sharing this.  He's an awesome, humble dude and doesn't want to come off like Mr Know-It-All.  But the fact is, is that he helps hitters get better and it's not fair to anybody to understate that.  Sorry Mike! :) ]

His works struck home for me, because that's exactly what I see with my players (and my son, who mostly just goes oppo, doesn't pull).

So I ask him:

"What's the #1 swing flaw you see with both young and pro hitters today?"

Mike's reply... 

"Today, far too many hitters are completely reliant on having PERFECT timing."

To paraphrase Mike: hitters are spinning off almost immediately after contact...and sometimes just before.

For this to work, a hitters timing has to be dead-on perfect.

And needing perfect timing to succeed is a sure fire dead end for a hitter's career...

...but that's exactly what Mike says players are doing today.

"They're barrel's aren't in the zone long enough.  You can't time it up perfect very often...

"Justin Verlander for example.  He's got TWO fastballs.  He's got 92 and he's got another one that's 98.  And when that ball gets released out of his hand - you don't know.  You just don't know which one it is.  The only way to be able to compete is to have the barrel in the zone early, on time, and late."

"What good hitters do is lengthen their contact point.  Instead of having a tiny window where the barrel can make hard contact, what I teach is how to keep their barrel in the zone as long as possible and be STRONG during that part of the swing."

Some people may try to explain this concept as "getting on plane"...but most people reference a side view of a hitter...which deals with more the elevation of the pitch...like this:

What Mike's talking about is illustrated better in an overhead view:

Most hitter's swings are allowing them to hit only the middle red ball.  What good swing's do is allow for solid contact on all three balls.

Now, this concept alone is fantastic - but not necessarily earth shattering.

Like, if someone had asked me about this concept BEFORE my conversation with Mike, I would say that I've heard that before and know it's important.

But as it's said, "Knowledge without application is useless".

"Faith without works is dead."

Doing > Knowing.

So the question becomes, how do we get players to do this?

If we know that we can't "explain" adjustments to a hitter, how do we get them to improve?

Now, this is where I believe Mike's true gift lies.

After our talk, Mike came out and worked with my team of 9 year olds (and he absolutely crushed it) and then I followed him to their fall instructional league and watched him work with his current pro guys...

Me about to shadow Mike at ESPN Wide World Of Sports facility

...and Mike even ran me through his sequence too!

And I was so impressed with HOW he gets guys to use the correct movements.

So, I want to share with you my new favorite drill of all time.

It'll help your kid's contact point and give them "big league timing" instead of perfect timing.

I call it the Ball Prop Drill, which uses just a simple inflatable ball.

Mike uses the ball in 3 different positions, (the other two are amazing) but this was my favorite. Take a look:

This drill is straight genius.

Basically, you just position that ball between the shoulder and *about* the top of the grip...and swing.

The simple way to explain it: this drill MAKES a hitter move more like a big leaguer. 

To get more nitty gritty, keeping that ball in that position keeps the barrel from releasing too soon (barrel release basically means when the barrel gets OUTSIDE of the hands), which is a cause of "casting" and a more "round" swing which creates that small window of contact that we don't want.

And best of all, it forces proper SPACE between the hands/shoulder/elbow area.

If your hands are too tight to your body (which was my problem), then your movements must "spin" to get hands "around" the body and then to the ball.  

Again, all of this works JUST FINE if your timing is right.  But that's not the big league timing we're looking for.

My swing felt so noticeably different during this drill. 

So smooth and much cleaner than before.

The best part is that this drill is pretty much plug and play.  You don't need to explain what position your kid needs to be in.

Ball on shoulder.  Swing.

I got a ball for $3 at Kroger, used it on my team of 9 year olds and INSTANTLY saw their swings simplify and improve.

Trust me, start doing this one now.  

A second excellent drill Mike does with all of his player is called the Contact Catch.

The goal here is to stay in that palm up/palm down position as long as possible.

When hitters roll their wrists over too quickly (which almost all do), they're teaching themselves to pull out of the contact zone too soon.

They're giving themselves no margin for error.

This drill is SO good for keeping that bat in the zone for a little while longer, CRUCIAL for being competitive when timing isn't spot on.

I saw Mike's pro guys doing this and I liked it.  

I did it myself and I loved it.  

And I did it with my little guys and was SOLD.

So good.  The kids are FORCED into using a better movement.  Or better said, forced into FEELING the better movement.

Take a look at a couple of demo swings:

It usually takes a couple of swings to get the rhythm right.  I found that a lot of kids really slow down leading up to contact and the ball falls straight down....like a bunt.

We want them taking FULL effort swings to contact and stopping after.  Mike would rather them stop a little late then a little early.

Fantastic drill for all ages.  Swings get better. 


Now, I'm going to be completely honest with you right now - after Mike ran me through the sequence he uses with his pro guys...

I was kinda mad.

We're in the cage and he's packing up all of his props and I'm sitting on this little bench they've got, and I'm thinking to myself:

"How can I be 15 years removed from my playing days and JUST NOW LEARNING ABOUT THIS!"

I was like Sandler in the Wedding Singer:

How did no one tell me about this!

I was a student of the game.  I was open to learning.

And my parents - like any good parents - were so supportive.

They spent thousands and thousands of dollars on equipment, lessons, travel, etc on trying to help me chase my dreams.

And even with all of that support, all of the lessons, all of the hitting coaches along the way (that most people would kill for)

...I still arrived in pro ball with a swing INCAPABLE of having success.

Like....how can that happen?

The window to succeed is so small - and I just didn't encounter the right person when it mattered most.

It's too late for me.

But it's NOT too late for MY boy.

Because of my time with Mike, my son can learn the movements that the true big dogs use today.  

Whether he decides to make a serious go at this baseball thing or not, and there's a million things that'll factor in...

...but one thing I have comfort in is that I'm giving him the right knowledge and giving him a opportunity to succeed.

That's really all I can do as parent, is give him the opportunity.  

The best opportunity possible.

Over the last few years I've kinda had the attitude of "Ah he's still young.  We'll take it more serious later on if he still loves the game."

But here's the thing, maybe you've noticed:

Time...it's moving on us.

My son's gonna be 10 this year...

...and I swear last year he was 6.

It remind me of what Yogi said: Its getting late early out there”.

My kid's experience is happening right now.  Not in the future.  Right now.

And while I believe we should let kids be kids, there is NO REASON why we have to give any of them second rate or outdated training anymore.

Luckily, my son will get to gain from Mike's experience and wisdom.  And my team gets to benefit...

...but what about others?

So I ask Mike, "Have you ever thought about sharing your teachings to a wider audience? The internet is so filled with junk - good people need to be learning from someone like you."

He says, "You know, it's funny you ask. I hate the idea of coming off like some guru - I'm no guru - but for a while now I've felt a pull on my heart to do more to help young hitters.

"I spend so much time trying to get these pro guys to "unlearn" what they've been taught their whole lives, or what they were taught in college.  Somebody needs to do something.  But I don't know if I want to be that guy."

And I understood the feeling.  

After my playing career I started studying confidence and controlling your nerves and thought this training should be MANDATORY for players, and yet it barely existed. I'm like, "Someone has gotta spread this message".  

I just didn't want it to be me.

I didn't want to put myself out there, I'm more comfortable BEHIND the scenes.

But I knew - deep down - that like it or not, sharing was my assignment.

And I think Mike knew too, that regardless if it makes him uncomfortable - it's time for him to share.

So I say to him, "What if you got hit but a bus tomorrow? What if we lose EVERYTHING inside that brain of yours.  You've made a real contribution in an area that's really important to people, that could improve their lives.  

"Losing that wisdom would NOT be okay!"

I keep going: "Let's document what you teach.  Let's show what you do, how you turn guys into beasts.   

And Mike says, "Clint, there's a lot of differing opinions on how to hit.  I'm not saying that my way is the end-all-be-all.  But I've spent 3 decades in the game and have seen what works and what doesn't.  And what I'm teaching now works.  It just does."

"And that's why we've gotta do this.  The things you teach are just so good.  And what ELSE are people gonna do?  More of the same?  You shouldn't be exclusive to a few dozen guys a year.  Kids are going to keep falling short of their goals because they never encountered the answers that you had for them the whole time."

And after a little pause.....HE AGREED!

So, I'm VERY PROUD to say - that he and I created a training program.

The exact same training methods that he uses with his pro organization, the methods that have PROVEN to get results...

...are now available to anyone.

Anyone who is willing to take a small step to make sure their kid gets world class training.

The Brumley Unchained Method

There's now a way to unchain yourself from the old ways and be free to just enjoy the game and play your best.

I might be biased, but I 100% believe this is the best training program that exists today.

It's definitely the best I've ever encountered.

To put it simply, this program.....works.

Hitters get better.  They just do.

No need to struggle "explaining" the correct adjustments.

No longer do you have to rely on the Youtube gurus....

Or the empty buzzwords that aren't helping.

No more of "same old same old" training from the old days.

When a player applies The Unchained Method they will:

  • Have big league swing movements that work at ALL levels
  • Dramatically improve consistency
  • Increase their power
  • Increase HARD contact
  • Have a much smoother, repeatable swing

Not to mention, parents and coaches get the peace of mind knowing they're giving their kid genuine, HIGH level training...

...no small thing.

The program consists of Mike's main 8 drills (plus some very valuable additional drills) - the very same drill set/progression that are so effective that he uses with all of his professional hitters...

...and yet so simple that he uses them with all of his YOUTH hitters as well.

Mike uses several simple props (frisbee, resistance band, inflatable balls and short bat) which help to FORCE a hitter into FEELING the correct positions.

The drills combined with Mike's commentary (the TRUE gold here) will quickly clean up a player's swing and allow for them to be the VERY BEST version of themself on game day.

This is the same training that big leaguers are seeking out.

This is the same training professional organizations in OTHER COUNTRIES are seeking out.

(One of the top pro teams in Taiwan convinced Mike to come out this past off season to apply The Unchained Method to their hitters.  Though Mike doesn't speak the language, "FEEL" is universal, and the hitter improvements were immediate.)

Check out what people are saying:

"Wanted to let you know how much Mike's program has helped my son stop pulling his front shoulder and collapsing his back side! A huge improvement in just a couple days. Now he does these drills - or at least a few of them - four or five times a week. 

I spent 10 seasons with the Padres clubhouse video crew and working with Tony Gwynn and Merv Rettenmund (hitting coach) and the the rest of the guys. All this knowledge and I could not explain to my son how to feel what I was talking about. This has been huge!!! Thank you!!!"
  - Chase P.

Just got done watching the program. This is great stuff. I'm a former pro player (Braves, Orioles) and current hitting coach for a back to back district and sectional championship little league team (10's and then 11's).  I can REALLY use this for things I've had trouble getting to stick. I love that instead of having a hitter visualize and HOPE to feel this forces the feels. Great stuff man.

Stephen B.

If you're like me, I'm sure you don't necessarily love investing $1,000's every season into equipment, tournaments and uniforms...

...or like some of my friends, a couple hundred bucks per month on weekly lessons.

Yet we do it because our kids are important to us.

It's a terrible feeling to think that we could be spending all of that money and NOT be giving them the training that ACTUALLY makes a difference.

Plus, for many players there are only a few seasons left  before the rubber meets the road: 

Are you going to be good enough to keep playing....or not?

I mean, what's the cost of another season of mediocre training and lackluster results?

Now, I know what you're thinking:

"This *sounds* fantastic.  I'd LOVE for my kid to get the training as high level professionals....BUT, this is the internet and all...

....so what if I don't see improvement?

I don't want to invest in anything that under delivers."

This thought....is totally understandable.  

I get it.

It's smart, really.  

I want you to be comfortable, feeling NO risk.  Not just a win win, but a NO LOSE for you. So here's what I'm gonna do:

Something I understand: We don't want our kids to train to check boxes....we want them to train to get better.

We want results.

I know you are investing in your child's improvement, so if this program doesn't make your kid a better player, you get ALL of you investment back.

100% guarantee...Zero risk to you.  

My wife said, "People are going to scam you! (lol) They could watch it, love it and still get a refund" 

I said "Yeah possibly, but I'll let a few people rip me off if it means the good people feel more comfortable to step up and help their kid play better."

I believe THAT MUCH in what Mike teaches and want you to feel great about this.

And to make this even more of a "no-brainer"  I'll even throw in our PITCH DECODER program ($100 value) for you, for absolutely free:

Pitchers of all ages - and especially youth pitchers - are ABSOLUTELY TELEGRAPHING what pitch they're about to throw.

You will learn the top eight tells to look for - that pitchers don't know that they're doing, along with extra bonus tips on how to relay that info to the hitter, watching the catcher and on deciphering coach signs.

I don't see this being taught NEARLY enough.  This is $100 training that you get as a free bonus for acting now.

What is the value of laying off just one pitch a game - that curve off the plate - because you knew it was coming?  The value of turning a 1-2 count into 2-1?  (MLB hitters hit .166 on 1-2 counts,  .344 on 2-1 counts!)

This is worth the investment alone, IMO.  

On top of that, all Baseball Notes customers receive a nice discount from one of the top brands in the business: Warstic.

Co-owned by Ian Kinsler and rocker Jack White, this is by no means a discount brand, these products are high end. But I was able to convince them to pass along some savings to The Baseball Notes Nation on all of their products (bats, batting gloves, hats, apparel, etc)

"You may delay but time will not"
Benjamin Franklin

So now is the time.

If you value experience and you believe your kid can benefit from learning from the best...

... if you care enough to help them get "unchained", to finally increase their consistency and train with one of the top hitting coaches alive today...

AND receive the Pitch Decoder training completely free ($100 value)...

then I'd invite you to check out...

The Brumley UNCHAINED Method

Get full LIFETIME access, including all bonuses for only:

$297 only $97 for a limited time!

Everything is possible for 2019.

But you've gotta take action and do something new if you want new results.

I invite you to check out Mike's transformational training.

You'll be happy you did.

Regardless of your choice, 2019 will only happen once.

And because we want to kill it this year, this is what my son and team will be doing.  

And what Mike's future big Leaguers will be doing.

If you are ready to join us, Click that button to get started right now.

 Thanks for listening and I'm rooting for you - I'll be sending up prayers for your kid's growth and success ...

...and for a DOMINANT 2019!

Hope to see you on the inside.

Copyright Baseball Notes LLC, 2019

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