The Simple Tweak That Adds 4 MPH of Bat Speed in 5 Minutes

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Everyone wants the same thing: To hit harder.

It makes sense:  Improved bat speed = more power = better results = better career.

So obviously it's the question every parent asks, "How can I increase my son's bat speed?"

And my answer used to be, "Well, here are the drills my coaches had me do when I played."

And while some of these drills were helpful...

Many of them didn't actually make a difference at all!

In fact, some seemed to decrease bat speed.

How do I know this?

Because with the advancement in technology, I started measuring the results of my students.

Using the Blast Motion and Diamond Kinetics  sensors I've been able to determine the best drills and methods for ACTUALLY speeding up a players bat.

So we have decided to keep these proven methods a secret no longer, that is why we are sharing The MISSILE Method, which has increased our hitter's bat speeds anywhere from 5-7 MPH in JUST ONE SESSION.

And there are six speed and power enhancing drills in The MISSILE Method, and right now I'm going to share with you the first two which have added as much as 4 MPH in just the first 5 minutes!!!​


The #1 most common problem I see from the hitters I work with is that they don't practice swinging hard enough.  Most are just content to let their swing coast at about 85-90% of their max.

Shawn Green wrote in his book, The Way of Baseball - that when he first made it to the big leagues his hitting coaches were trying to make mechanical adjustments for hiim to hit with more power.

But it didn't work.

Do you know what did work?

Trying to hit more home runs in batting practice!!! (To CF and opposite field only, no pull)

His batting practice went from a casual workout to being far more violent and he'd be sopping with sweat after it was over.

And he took himself from a skinny doubles hitter with some pop, to a skinny home run hitter with MAJOR pop.

So spending more time REALLY trying to swing hard will improve your bat speed better than any other method we have found (with the Samurai drill a close second)

You may be thinking, "Isn't that over-swinging?  Should I really be doing that?"

Here's the key - during games you'll need to let your body swing the bat as it is comfortable, which will probably be at about 90% of your max.

But you cannot stretch and grow your max without getting outside of your comfort zone.

And nothing - not even getting bigger and stronger- has shown to increase max bat speed more than practicing swinging VERY hard.

It sounds too simple right?

But it's amazing to watch.  It's funny how many problems fix themselves when a hitter is REALLY getting after it - balance is better, the load is better, everything.

There are great times to take half speed and regular speed swings on the tee....this is not one of them!!


No, HARDER.  :)

2 Rounds of 5-6 Swings Each

DRILL #2  Weighted Balls

This drill really locks in the mindset shift from drill #1.

Inevitably when you tell a player "Swing as hard as you possibly can", they do a really good job to start, but after just 3-4 swings we see effort levels come back down below their max.

You have to continually remind them to make this rep the best one yet.

Except when you use the weighted balls, in which case the results speak for themselves.

Here are the balls we use, they're filled with sand and are great.

(If you don't have weighted balls, you can also use a soccer ball or basketball, though they don't stay on the tee as well and also jump off the bat better even with lackluster swings - so you'd want to deflate it a bit.)

You cannot coast when hitting these balls off of the tee, or else they go nowhere.

In fact, I like to remove the net and get about 15' in front of the hitter and say "Hit it over my head."

You can scoot forward and back as needed.

"Come on, grit your teeth if you have to, let's go!  Hit it over me!"

This always produced the best swings.

2 Rounds of 5-6 Swings

​These two drills alone have increased our player's bat speed's an average of 4 MPH - in only 5 minutes.

So give it a try and let me know how it goes.  And if you want to learn more about The MISSILE Method​ which has added an ADDITIONAL 3-4 MPH of bat speed check out this link

Best of luck!  Reach out with any questions, my goal is to serve you on your path.​

​Real results:

My name is Clint McGill, former professional baseball player and now host of the Baseball Notes Podcast, where I interview today's top mind's on hitting and all things baseball.

I am also a coach, a husband to a beautiful wife, father of three awesome kids (1 boy, 2 girls) and a follower of Christ. I love baseball and love helping young players get better by learning not just from me, but from those who have come before us. You don't have to step on the same land mines we did!!

My goal is to be someone you can trust. There is so much conflicting information online and in coaching circles it's impossible for most to decide between the good info and the bad. I hope that I can help you encounter the instruction that will dramatically improve you or your son's career.

"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."​

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