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My wife’s word for the year (2019)

(Repost from Jan 2019)

Non-baseball, but I think you’re gonna like this.

Dabo’s quote yesterday about his word for the year made me want to share a personal story….

….because my wife and I do this same thing.

Not sure your feelings about God (I’m a fan), so if you’re not a fan or undecided , don’t worry – just hang with me for a sec.

(Well maybe worry just a little:)

For the last few years she and I have prayed for a word for the upcoming year.  We usually have to let it marinate for a while, but every time there seems to a specific word that seems to stand out.

Last year my word was Expansion.  I felt like I was being called to “expand my territory”, specifically with Baseball Notes.  

I had a lot of content I thought was good – but I wasn’t promoting it mostly because I was a little intimidated about “putting myself out there”, ya know?

So anyway, 2018 we went from like 800 followers to 14k on FB, not to mention a few other channels.  Expand indeed!

This year, my wife feels like her word is “Transform“.

She just settled on this word this past weekend, we talk about it and are like “Whoa that’s a pretty big word!”

She’s gone down the health rabbit hole trying to find an eczema solution for our daughter and has taken a big interest in health.

So she had been thinking about getting her integrative medicine certification…which is no small time and money investment…and we were torn, so we prayed for clarity on the issue.

Again, this was this past weekend.

On Monday, two days ago as I type this, she sends me this screenshot of her email from the program:

Say whaaaaat!?!

“Does that word resonate with you?”

Just a little, haha.

Clarity = received.

So my wife may have a new career path in front of her.

As for me, it’s 9 days into the new year and I haven’t settled on a word just yet.

I’ve been hoping “Sugar Mama” is my word but it’s feeling a little forced.

I share this to encourage you to pray for a word for 2019.

And if you’ve never prayed before or haven’t been into the God thing, I’d REALLY encourage you to try it also.

I first thought it was kinda hippy-dippy but did it anyway because a few smart people I respect did it…and I’m so glad I did.

What could it hurt?  There’s something here and I would hate for anyone to miss out on it.

If you have questions on it feel free to reach out.  I don’t have all of the answers (or even half) but would love to chat.

And once you’ve got your word, share it with me, I’d love to hear!

Clint McGill

[UPDATE JAN 2020: Amy graduated from the Integrative Health program last week! And, she got her first health coaching client – whoop whoop! And I’ll be honest with you – she is phenomenal at this. More life coach than health coach. So if you have any interest in improving your health, happiness and mindset let me know and I’ll hook you up with her. Or better yet, give her a follow @amy.mcgill.hc on instagram. But better act fast before she’s booked and can’t take on more peeps, haha. ]

This MLB player changed my life with one sentence

I hope you understand how incredibly powerful your words can be.

Story time:

Just before my sophomore season at Fresno City College I was invited to a winter camp at Long Beach State.

I was EXTREMELY excited to be invited but also pretty nervous.

My dream was to play D1 baseball but I still was having the “imposter syndrome” doubts of, “Am I good enough?  Can I really play D1?”

To be honest, I was coming off a decent freshman season in junior college and still grappling with my identity there, like “Wow, I can’t believe little ol’ me is starting at FRESNO city college!”.

And now here I was, getting very real interest from Long Beach State, a perennial top 10 program at the time.

There were some monster names coming through LB: Jered Weaver, Troy Tulowitzki, Evan Longoria….

…but at the time, none bigger than this one: 

Bobby Crosby.

Bobby was a shortstop and had just signed a contract with the Oakland A’s as their first round draft pick …and he drove a new Escalade.

For a 19 year old kid, this literally is the dream.

This was winter time so he was hanging around the 2 day camp and wherever he was, people took notice.

I end up having a VERY good weekend.  Hard contact at the plate, throwing guys out trying to stretch triples, turning double plays…all of it.   Just one of those things where I picked a good weekend to have a good weekend.

And my last at bat of the weekend I crushed a high fastball but got way underneath of it.  The ball ends up being caught at the track.

But I killed that ball.

And Bobby happened to be standing at the end of our third base dugout during this part of the game, and
as I crossed in front of him…he says this:

Hey man.

I stop my jog and walk over to him.

He says with a very serious look on his face, “Are these coaches talking to you?”

Right when he says that he looks over to the first base dugout where all of the coaches were, as if he were about to get their attention to make sure they talk to me.

I say, “Yeah, I’ve been on the phone with Buckley and Barbara (coaches at the time) a little bit, so we’re talking.”

He looks back at me – no smile or anything – and says, “Ok.  Good.”

Right then some guy walks up and throws his arm around him and was like “Hey Bobby!” and so Bobby and I just gave each other a head nod and I went to put my helmet away.

I can still remember standing by the helmet rack, putting my batting gloves in my helmet and thinking:

“Bobby Crosby….thinks I’m alright.”

I had always *thought* and *hoped* that I was pretty good, but from that moment on….I believed it.

That one simple exchange – I can say with no exaggeration – changed my life.

And do you want to talk about the ULTIMATE throw away comment from Bobby!!

If you ask him a day later – shoot, an hour later – what he said to me, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell you.

And I will remember it for the rest of my life.

The thing is, we underestimate what an impact we can make – and are making – with our words.

We get caught up just watching ball games that we forget that these boys and girls out there are waiting for something ELSE to tell them what kind of player they are.

For most, the game results tell them WHO they are.  And if you let the game tell you who you are, it’s gonna tell you that you suck most of the time.

Every now and then it’ll give you a reprieve with a great day, but most of the time it’s gonna point out how many times you mess up.

So as parents and coaches, WE have to help them determine WHAT THEY THINK OF THEMSELVES.

Kids will believe what adults tell them, they really will.

If you have ever had a positive thought about a player on your kid’s team, and you DID NOT SHARE IT….

…man, what a missed opportunity.

A LIFETIME memory may have just been made….but you didn’t share it.

And “good job!” ain’t it.  “Hey _____, your bat looked so fast today.  I really love watching you hit.”

For some players you have to dig a little deeper….but those are the ones who could use a genuine compliment the most.

And I want you complimenting your own kid, but compliments to your own kid can be easily brushed off.

But a compliment from another parent?  Feels like a million bucks.

So parents/coaches, be mindful of how powerful your words are.

Your words are going to create their self identity – for better or for worse – so make sure you are choosing carefully.