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Bat Speed Training

Watch intro video below for tips and exercise demos:

Notes on Equipment

Med ball size: 2, 4 or 6lbs

PVC Pipe: any length over 3' is fine

Resistance Bands: Are available in our popular Brum Bands training aids.  Great price.

What size Overload/Underload bats?   At the pro levels guys are typically looking for bats that are 20% above and below their game bat weight, but honestly for youth hitters - anything works.  You can use an old bat for the light bat and a -3 wood bat for their overload.  My son (currently 14) swings his old -10 for underload and then a 34"/31oz wood bat for the overload.  Again, no need to overthink this - just work on this consistently and you'll get faster.

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