The Bomb Squad - Speed and Strength Program

Gain an advantage on the competition with the 9 Week Program that will make your player stronger, faster & more athletic 

I think all of us parents see the value of our young athletes being stronger and faster.

That's a no brainer.

But the question becomes: At what age should we start?  How much is too much?  Should we be doing weights or no?

And through my studies with Baseball Notes, talking with the top trainers and coaches on the subject I've come to believe something very strongly:

Starting players on a strength/speed/mobility program at a young age is the biggest untapped opportunity for a player to improve.

It's a  very real advantage to be grabbed.

Because here is the secret.... 

Kids today are nowhere near as strong as they are capable of.

And players are running slower, not as dynamic and getting hurt more often because of it.

I'm not one of those "Oh-kids-these-days" type of guys who thinks our kids are super lazy.

I know my son plays baseball and at times we are concerned about him being TOO active.

But, like many children in America, there just aren't as many physically-taxing chores for him to do around the house.

No hay bales to stack.

No wood to chop.

And this is a good thing in general!

But it's important for kids to still be challenged physically...

...so I set out to find a plan for young players to play better now - and set themselves up well for the future - with appropriate training.

So I partnered with Christian Ballard - professional performance coach - to create the best resource possible for youth athletes today

We divided it into two programs: The Bomb Squad Speed and The Bomb Squad Strength.

In just nine weeks - two workouts per week - your kid will be a more dynamic and healthier player and person.

The workouts are roughly 20 minutes in length and can be done with very little equipment.

(And the exercises that do require equipment can be modified with typical household items).


The majority of exercises can be done with no equipment at all.  

A lot of body weight exercises/movements, especially at the beginning.

Equipment that'd help get the most out of the program: Box jump, small Med Ball, Kettlebell (or perhaps a bucket of baseballs, which is a nice home alternative).

And to make this even easier for you, we have this:

100% Money Back Guarantee.

I want you to feel as safe as possible, so if for whatever reason you're not in love with the program just let us know and boom, money back.  Zero risk to you.  That's how confident I am that you're gonna love it....so give it a try!



A little bit of guidance at an early age can make such a difference.

Hit harder.  Run faster.  More agile.  Better arm health.

(Proper arm health is actually proper body health).

And having a proper strength and mobility will pay HUGE dividends as they get older and want to REALLY make a run for their dream.

I know you're spending a lot of money on their sport already, so I've got a deal for you today:

If you act now, you can get BOTH the Speed and Strength program for only $197

only $49!

Secure Payment

Nine weeks will come and go if you take action or not.

But if you'd like to give your kid an opportunity to better protect themselves from injury, gain on the competition and play better on game day, then give this program a try.

And if funds are tight and you're not interested in the offer right now, I don't want you to leave empty handed here...so here's a free tip:

Climb, Carry, Crawl, Squat.

That's what your kid needs to be doing.


These are the movements that will have the greatest impact.

And if you're ready to jump on board and get better with us, with an expert plan, with structure and motivation...

...then I'd invite you to take advantage of this offer and click the button above.

As always, praying for your success and growth.  Lets get it :)

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