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How To Properly Throw a Slider and At What Age Should It Be Thrown

Favorite Quote: "The two most important things in life are good friends and a strong bullpen."

My name is Brad Kirsch and I am teaching high school, college, and professional pitchers all over the world how to SkyRocket or even Resurrect their pitching careers by way of the Slider.

Now I began in college baseball as an absolute nobody who never saw any action because, basically, I had no clue how to pitch. That all quickly changed when I learned how to throw the Slider. It was the pitch that I always knew that I had in me, I just needed to guidance to to prove to myself that I consistently execute this Dominant Pitch.

Then everything SkyRocketed for me!!!! Going from a Zero to leading the team and conference in several pitching categories. Then eventually signing multiple professional contracts.

Mastering the Slider has allowed to play and coach this great game in 6 countries and hear it spoken in 5 different languages.

For the last 12+ years, I have been teaching pitchers how to throw the Slider. I have worked with successful high school, college, and professional pitchers.

My goal of Slider Domination is Simple:

I want you to be able to throw the Slider better than I ever have!

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Summary and Action Plan below


The Slider transformed his career, from a pitcher who was rarely, if ever, used, to a professional pitcher who got to travel the world.

One new weapon in your arsenal can change everything about who you are.

Kids should start throwing the slider at 16 years old. Developed and can handle it. It’s a secondary pitch, run it off of your fastball. Don’t over use at a young age.

Good to get a feel for in HS, but college is when you’re developed and can really use it as a regular weapon.

Young kids not strong enough to get the correct repetitions in.

Recommended grip for an effective slider...just to the side of the horse shoe, pressure on middle finger...index is along for the ride until the release.

Must think “FB FB FB” in order to stay behind it and then middle finger turns downward and inward on release so the ball will break both away and down.

Slider can work better with aggressive pitchers who can struggle with the curveball which is more of a *feel* pitch.

You must commit to the pitch for success. Any hesitation leads to soft break.

Bouncing the ball intentionally in the bullpen is great for practicing tighter spin and extended release...then dial it back.

“Bounce your slider!”

Let your eyes do the work. For the “get me over” you just look a little higher than for the one off the plate.

Everyone loves velocity but when you get older having location and off speed will be what determines your level of success.

KEYS TO YOUTH SUCCESS: Learn your body, what is fluid with you.

Biggest thing in pitching is consistency, you have to find what you can do over and over again...so if it is unnatural, adjust.

Balance is important. If you lift your leg and your head goes back, that’s not good.

Important to keep all momentum going to home plate.

Common problem with youth athletes: Worst thing you can do with your mechanics is to rush through. Tell tell signs is when front shoulder and hip open up too soon and arm drags. Leads to lots of high and in FB’s sailing, or overcompensation on balls away and down.

Stay closed until foot strike. Hip rotation is important, make sure hips rotate all the way to square up with target (home plate)

Not to the catcher, *through* the target.

Back leg - drive off that leg. You can see he is doing it well when you get extension off of that leg, see it straighten out.

The keys in order to see what your son is doing wrong.

“Get ahead, strike one. Command the fastball.”


​If you're 16 or older, try the grips that Bradley recommended.  Work on trying to bounce the slider on the plate.  That will sharpen your slider and give it more bite...and then you can back off to the proper location - over the plate or just off.

When you throw the slider, you must be thinking "fastball" with your hand/wrist the entire time until release. 

Let your eyes do the work.  Look at your target.

Throw through the catcher, not just to him.  Power through!​

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