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I first created Baseball Notes with the belief that players today weren't learning fast enough.

I needed to talk with the guys who have *real* knowledge...

...and get it to the players and coaches today who need it.

I'm a former player and though I like to think I know some things about hitting...

I thought I could better serve baseball society by working with the BEST hitting minds in the game today...

...and share with you what they have tested and proven to be most effective.

Which led me to Mike Brumley.

Mike has spent over 30 years in professional baseball as a player and coach...

...and is currently the hitting coordinator for the Atlanta Braves organization.

(Which basically means he's in charge of teaching all of the Braves minor leaguers and future big leaguers how to have success...no big deal!)

His teachings and results have made him one of the most in demand hitting coaches in the world.

In fact a top Taiwanese professional team was able to convince him to work with their players during his MLB off season.

I spoke to Mike about sharing what he's learned with a larger audience...

...because it is IMPOSSIBLE for parents and coaches today to decipher the good from the garbage online...

...we need someone we can trust and who gets results.

Here's a quote from our first conversation about his methods:

"I've been in the game a long time and I've found it hard to "explain" adjustments to a player.  You can't "explain" what a good swing should *feel* like.  But over time I've tried every hundreds of different methods and the ones I use now are the best at making a player *feel* the right adjustment."

Now, I'm no big league coach...

...but I've found this to be SO true for youth level hitters.

I can 'tell' them what adjustments to make...

...and sometimes they actually DO make the adjustment.

But it's almost always short lived.

We need hitting sequences that force a player into the correct movements

Which is exactly what Mike's program does.

Here's an email from a coach:

Just got done watching the Brumley program. This is great stuff. I'm a former pro player (Braves, Orioles) and current hitting coach for a back to back district and sectional championship little league team (10's then 11's).

 I can REALLY use for things I've had trouble getting to stick. I love that instead of having a hitter visualize and HOPE to feel this forces the feels. Good stuff man!

Stephen B.

What stands out most to me about Mike's teachings are how much "cleaner" swings become.

You'll see that in the program, Mike ran me through the program...

...and the position my hands and body were put in just felt so much better.

Clean and smooth is the best way I can describe it.

And Mike really spills the beans on his hitting philosophy...

...and what he has seen that works at higher levels.

Because any type of swing can be successful sometimes...

...or crush mediocre pitching.

But there are certain traits that successful hitters share.

And one that Mike talks extensively about is "Lengthening the Contact Point"

Because average hitters have short "contact point" lengths.

If timing is juuuuuust right....they can rip.

But they are slaves to PERFECT timing.

And this game is wayyyy too hard to rely on being perfect.

The successful hitters - especially as pitching improves - are not dependent on perfect timing.

They can barrel up pitches even when they're early or late.

THAT is how you change the trajectory of your career.


Teaching your kid how to hit doesn't have to be hard.

When you find a teacher who can show you the roadmap to success...

...all you have to do is follow it.

And here is your opportunity to learn from the best.


What age is this appropriate for?

I've seen Mike use this training with GREAT success with my team of 9 year olds...

...AND I followed him to the Braves' spring training complex and watched him use these EXACT trainings with their future big leaguers as well.

Simply put, these teachings are extremely valuable for all hitters.

I'd almost say that hitters 6 and under might be too young...but establishing the CORRECT movement patterns early can be such an advantage...so while some drills may be a little challenging the value is definitely still there.

Will this work for softball?

Mike is deep in the baseball world, but we're finding out that the best softball swings and baseball swings are almost the same...

...possibly exactly the same.

If you have a softball player looking to make more solid contact, look no further.  

Just listen to Mike.

What if I don't love the program?

I know you're gonna love Mike's training, but this is a fair question!

If you're not doing cartwheels over your kid's improvement we offer a full 60 day 100% guarantee on your purchase.

Zero risk to you.

We truly want to help your kid hit better, and if it doesn't work out somehow, bam, we'll make it right for you.


Get access to the best hitting program in the industry for only:

  $297  only $97 

Or you can invest that money in another local hitting lesson :/

So don't wait.  The investment amount will go back up to it's regular amount shortly.

I hope you truly believe me when I say that I WANT your kid to encounter this training so that he/she can succeed.

This training works, and it's not okay for your kid be 18 or 20 years old when they encounter these high level concepts that could have made all the difference (or in most cases, never at all).

It will be too late!

You have an opportunity right now to step up and help your kid.

Simply put, this program works.

That's my promise to you.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!!

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