In an effort to make sure that my kid didn't miss out on the training that me and my teammates should have received...

I started doing research...

and to be quite honest, I became obsessed with all things thought, brain and self control related.​

And what I found is that there are MANY ways for a player to calm the mind and perform with freedom and confidence.

In fact, there were so many good strategies that it made me kinda mad!

Like, this would have been really helpful, ya know?!

And during the Youth Baseball Summit that I hosted earlier this year​, I spoke with the most trusted mental skills coaches who are working daily with our multi-million dollar Major Leaguers on getting their minds right...

(because yes, their minds want to play tricks as well)​

...and common themes and methods continued to come up....

...very helpful methods that WE'RE NOT EVEN SHOWING to our young softball players, let alone helping them put into practice.

And in the year 2018 with this being such a problem, this just isn't okay for me.

Imagine if I sent a kid out into the forest and sa​id, "Go kill a bear."

...and gave her no tool or weapon to accomplish his task!

"Figure it out Miss, find a way!

"...oh, and stay confident!"

That girl isn't going to last long out there.

And that's EXACTLY what we're doing with our kids on the field...

Hitting a ball isn't what's so hard. Catching isn't what is so hard...

...it's dealing with the mental demons!  

We parents and coaches ask them to slay these demons and give them no tools to do so.

​And the result??

Yep, these kids aren't lasting long out there.​

But the strategies are out there and I didn't want to wonder "What if" I had shown these techniques to my kid. 

He wasn't going to be a Jones, he was going to be a Lovejoy.

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