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Here at Baseball Notes, we have partnered with former Major League stars Pedro Liriano and Ramon Ortiz and their charity Professional Athletes with Jesus


Through their charity, Pedro, Ramon and their team aim to not only provide less fortunate Dominicans with baseball equipment and playing fields, but they are also caring for their basic needs like medical supplies and improving living conditions….all while sharing their faith.

Here’s a snippet from their site:


“The goal of the foundation is not only to bring the joy of baseball to the underprivileged children of the Dominican Republic., but our goal is also to initially provide impoverished Dominican communities with a program that educates children not only on baseball but how to lead physically and emotionally healthy lives through good sportsmanship and role models.

Next, the goal is to impact the lives of all members of the community by providing medical relief, employment opportunities, and proper housing. The foundation wishes to replicate these community building opportunities across the Dominican Republic.

The foundation is seeking both used and new baseball equipment and also any cash donations possible in order to provide the youth with proper gloves, bats, masks, etc.

The Dominican Republic, although famous for the all star baseball players that it produces, is rampant with poverty and the need for youth to be able to have the chance to play baseball and stay off the streets is now more greater than ever!”

We are very proud to be aligned with this PHENOMENAL charity and encourage anyone who is moved to give, to go to   

…even a small donation can go so far for those in need.



Clint McGill


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