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Interview with Garth Iorg

In this episode, I talk with Garth Iorg about the difference makers in his successful 9 year big league career, and also what he’s seen in his coaching career that has separated guys who have had long big league careers from the guys who flamed out…..and spoiler alert it’s not talent!

Just a great talk with Garth, in this conversation we cover:

(5:15) The problem with how we teach US players how to field a ground ball.

(7:10) His favorite infield drill

(9:26) Why good infielders play more on their *heels*

(13:09) When to use 1 hand

(18:49) What Garth was thinking about up at the plate for his approach

(20:41) The very best approach he’s ever heard (applied by Todd Helton and Lance Berkman)

(26:20) The one thing he’d go back and change if he had a do-over

(28:35) What MLB players do differently from those who don’t make it

(30:45) Should you hold your son back during youth baseball?

(32:24) Not “dogging” your players

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