If you are interested in increasing your son's bat speed and power...

...then you're gonna LOVE this...

First, let me ask you - are you ever afraid that your son is falling behind the competition?

I know I was with my son.  And I was concerned when I was a player too.

You see, as I moved up to new levels during my own career - from high school, to junior college, to Division 1, and finally professionally with the Astros, I was always afraid that I wasn't improving fast enough, that I was falling behind.​

And now that I'm a father, I'm actually TWICE as concerned about the same issue with my son!!

I see other players that are really driving the ball all over the place, and my son's just not there yet.

Every year it seems the competition is getting better and better...​

And I just don't want him to fall behind.

And as a father I am willing to do everything in my power to help my son improve, so ​I decided we'd work overtime to help him improve his bat speed and power.

So we hit and hit and hit...

...but nothing seemed to change.​

Even though he's just 8, I decided we needed to be more proactive and implement some drills...​

Naturally, I put him through the same hitting drills that I did as a player...

And as the host of Baseball Notes Podcast where I talk with former MLB players, coaches and today's top instructors, I put my son through their most highly recommended drills also...

And then came my big idea...

I thought to myself:

"Instead of just eyeballing his progress...what if I measured it?"

So in addition to the new drills, I used the Blast Motion and Diamond Kinetic sensors to track my son's swing to see which drills ACTUALLY helped him swing faster and hit harder!

And it was AMAZING to see what drills made a difference - and which drills did not​.

After some experimentation, we were able to speed up his bat by 6 MPH in just one day!

And to give you a reference - 1 MPH is equivalent to roughly 5' of additional distance for a hitter under about 12 years old, and almost 10' for a stronger hitter​ 13 and over!!!

The ball was coming off of his bat so much harder, you could *hear* the difference.

Obviously, we were FIRED UP about the results.

Then I wondered: Was this a fluke or can we make this work for other players too?

So we tested it out, and the results were ridiculous:

This photo was just 5 mins into the session - we actually got his bat speed up to 47 mph (!!!) after the entire 30 mins!


It turns out, the program we had created was creating MASSIVE results for every hitter we measured.

I mean, just look at those swings!​

Our new method increased bat speed anywhere from 4 to even 8 MPH in just one 30 minute session!

...and most hitters increased 4MPH in just the first few minutes!

As a former player, I was actually jealous that I hadn't had the good fortune to encounter these drills when I was a player!!

It even made me kinda mad!

Like, it's not okay for me or for anyone to work so hard and care so much...

...and yet never be taught these simple drills and concepts that would make a major difference on a career.

But you don't have to miss out like I did.

I've decided that I have to share this program with others...

So that's why I created....

The MISSILE Method - Bat Speed Accelerator Program

Tested and proven to increase bat speed by 4-8 MPH in just one training session!​

The MISSILE Method isn't just the most effective bat speed program in the country....


This is not simply *my* theory on how to speed up the bat and increase pop.  The methods I share are the proven drills, techniques and concepts from the most respected instructors in the country: current and former MLB coaches, former professional hitters and current hitting instructors.


This isn't theory.  I've used Blast Motion and Diamond Kinetics technology to measure "Before and After" bat speeds and this program has consistently proven itself to increase bat speed and power after just one (yes, one!) training session.


Results are all that matters.  If this program doesn't speed up your bat, then it is worthless.  I don't want the fear of "what if this doesn't work for me" to keep you from encountering this fantastic training.  So I'm extending a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If it doesn't work or if you just aren't one thousand percent happy, you get your money back.  I just don't want you to miss out!


Many of the concepts/drills in the MISSILE Method cannot be found anywhere else online.  This is the only opportunity you have to encounter these career changing methods.  Do not miss out on this.

What's Inside:

7 Video Lessons  that will improve your bat speed and hit the ball harder with more power:
Lesson 1: Mind

M-ISSILE Method                

The game is 90% mental and 10% physical, yet we spend 100% of our time on the physical!  Learn ACTUAL steps to take to improve your hitting attitude and confidence.

Lesson 3: Stance

MI-S-SILE Method                

Stance doesn't matter?  Yes it does!

Learn what stance types will boost your bat speed, and the type of stance to avoid.

Lesson 5: Instinct

MISS-I-LE Method          

Nothing slows a bat down more than indecision.  This training will show you HOW to allow your body to move freely with trust and confidence.

Lesson 7: Extension


Kill the roll over!  See how proper extension after contact will improve a hitters consistency and power.

Lesson 2: Intent

M-I-SSILE Method                

A change in mindset combined with the drill in this lesson alone have improved bat speeds an average 3.5 MPH!  In minutes!

Lesson 4: Separation

MIS-S-ILE Method               

Almost all players I work with don't load properly.  Learn the best position to be in when the foot lands in order to swing with maximum force.

Lesson 6: Legs

MISSI-L-E Method

85% of the force applied to the baseball at contact is generated from the legs.  85%!!!  Learn the two drills proven to best engage the legs and speed up the bat.

About the Author

My name is Clint McGill, former professional baseball player and now host of the Baseball Notes Podcast, where I interview today's top mind's on hitting and all things baseball.  

I am also a coach, a husband to a beautiful wife, father of three awesome kids (1 boy, 2 girls) and a follower of Christ.  I love baseball and love helping young players get better by learning not just from me, but from those who have come before us.  You don't have to step on the same land mines we did!!

My goal is to be someone you can trust.  There is so much conflicting information online and in coaching circles it's impossible for most to decide between the good info and the bad.  I hope that I can help you encounter the instruction that will dramatically improve you or your son's career.

"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.“  Proverbs 15:22

Clint McGill

What You’re Getting

More POWER.  Increased bat speed equals harder contact, which equals more power.  You're about to hit harder.

Confidence.  With this training you'll learn HOW to compete with confidence and ease any anxieties up at the plate.

Lifetime access to all seven videos.  Imagine the best lesson you have ever received stored forever on video.  

Is this Course Right for You?


  • An advanced hitter looking to fine tune and improve to the next level.
  • Also for a novice hitter looking to get a solid foundation on the basics of letting the body maximize its power.
  • Those who are open minded and ready to learn from the teachings of some of the most successful hitting coaches, mental strength coaches and players in the country.


  • If you know it all already.  There are some concepts that you've likely never encountered before, and some can be pretty deep/high level.  Without an open mind and willingness to get out of your comfort zone you will never grow and change.
  • Players who won't put in the work.  Yes, results are immediate but will only be temporary if not worked on regularly.  I'm not interested in working with lazy players.
If You Don't Improve - You Don't Pay!! 

Look, I know what it's like to buy something online.  I know you don't care about how  much time and energy went in to making this program great.  All you care about are results.  And if this program works for you (which I'm confident it will!) then it is worth 10x the purchase price.  But if it doesn't work, it's worth zero to you.  I respect that!  So I'm offering a full refund within 30 days if you aren't 1,000% satisfied with the program.  

I just want you to try it. The answers to your problem are right here and I just want you to encounter the solution. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay! I’m trying to take all of the risk away from you on this one, and I want you to trust me.  So your opportunity is right now.

The average youth baseball parent is spending between $1,500 to $16,000 (!!) per year on their son's game...

Bats are $300, gloves are $300, cleats are $100....and let's not even talk about travel...

Shoot, even hitting lessons with the local guy at the cage will cost over $60 per hour...

To get lifetime access to the "secrets" that are proven to increase power and bat speed - should cost well over $200+.

But like I said in the guarantee, I REALLY want you to encounter this information, and I don't want price to get in the way.

So, for a limited time you can have full, lifetime access to the MISSILE Method program for

now only $97 $47    

But wait, I have a MAJOR bonus if you act now!

Not only will you get access to The MISSILE Method, you'll get FULL access to The Bulletproof Hitter - Big League Confidence Training Program

Access to the ENTIRE Bulletproof Hitter Confidence Training Program 
$197 VALUE!        FREE!

"Just relax, stay confident" is perfect advice when a hitter is struggling...but it is TERRIBLE instruction!  In this 6 Video program you will learn the ACTUAL steps to stay confident, relax and stop the mental doubts and worries which is the #1 killer of game day performance.

Here are the 6 lessons that will train you to play this difficult game with extreme confidence:​

1.  Playing Poorly Well - The steps to keeping a clear mind when outs are made and things go wrong.

2.  The Imposter Syndrome - How to stop the self doubt.​

3.  Self 1 vs Self​ 2 - Understand your conscious and subconscious mind.

4.  Quieting Self 1 - How to make the chatterbox "go away" when it's time for the body to perform.

5.  Act As If - Don't wait for the results to act with confidence.​

6.  Detatch from Outcomes - How to focus on only what you can control.​


Real Testimonial For The Bulletproof Hitter:

"Clint your advice worked to a "T". I only had half of the team this evening but they heard every word and applied it and it made them hit better than I could imagine. 7 of my hitters sang songs in their heads and the other three are working on it...so thank you very much this stuff really works!!! Please keep instruction coming this way - thank you from a frustrated coach that went from A-Z in one day."

-John Avila​

Start Today!  Choose Your Plan Below



Silver Package

Only $47

  • The MISSILE Method Program ($97 value)
  • The Bulletproof Hitter Program ($197 value)
  • $294 value for just $47!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Gold Package

Only $197

  • The MISSILE Method Program ($97 value)
  • The Bulletproof Hitter Program ($197 value)
  • Swing Analysis By Current of Former Professional Hitting Coach ($350 value)
  • $644 value for just $197!!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Platinum Package

 Only $347

  • The MISSILE Method Program ($97 value)
  • The Bulletproof Hitter Program ($197 value)
  • Swing Analysis By Current or Former Professional Hitting Coach ($300 value)
  • 1 Blast Motion bat sensor to measure progress ($150 value!)
  • 1 free Blast Motion T shirt ($30 value)
  • $824 value for only $347!!!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm telling you guys, this program works.  I really hope you will trust me on this.  And if by chance it doesn't I want to give you a full refund.  Just try it.  Encountering this program could be the difference for your son.

Don't Get Left Behind!

You've gotta make sure you're keeping up with the competition, and here is your RISK FREE opportunity to have lifetime access to the MISSILE Method and hit the ball harder - TODAY!  Don't miss out!!!

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