Two Steps To Add 4 MPH of Bat Speed in 5 Minutes

The problem I see with young hitters is always the same...

...and pretty good chance it's true for your son as well:

Your son is not hitting with anywhere NEAR as much power as he's capable of.

And the reason is simple: He hasn't been taught how to use his body properly!

Most of this stuff is pretty simple, as you'll see....

...but so important.

Quick story:

You see, during my playing days my biggest strength was my defense.

I could play any position in the infield pretty well, particularly up the middle.

The problem was that while I was a pretty productive hitter in high school and college, I struggled when I got to the minor leagues with the Astros.

So while I was still one of the top defenders on the team, my batting average was one of the worst, juuust squeaking out at .201 (I hit a triple in the final game of the season ensuring I'd be over .200 ... which was possibly the biggest relief of my life, haha).

Now on the flip side, I had a teammate of mine who was a great hitter.

The dude was a switch hitter and was constantly hitting balls in the gap.

But *his* weakness was his defense.

So at the end of the season, you could make the case that he and I had similar seasons:

Struggling in one aspect of the game, crushing it in the other one.

But do you think the decision makers viewed our seasons as similar?


My friend kept moving up the ladder and went on to play for another 10 seasons....

...and even had some really cool moments in the Major Leagues (!)

And I was released after the next spring training.

The point of this story is to tell you this:

If your son has dreams of playing collegiate or professional baseball, understand that there are really aren't nine positions....

There's just two:

Either you're a Pitcher, or a Hitter

So you've gotta hit if you want to make it.

Defense does matter to a degree, but like it or not:  

You've gotta hit, or you're gonna sit.

So fast forward to today.

I now have a young son (he's 8), I'm getting to go down this whole youth baseball path once again, just from a different perspective.

And as a parent, I want to make sure I give my son every opportunity that I can to help him succeed.

And I, like you too I'm sure, want to help my son hit the ball as hard as possible (Captain Obvious alert!)

So not only did I lean on some of the drills that I used when I was a player, but I also went online and tried to find the "best bat speed drills" available.

I bet you know what I found...

...a lot of conflicting advice!!!

I even asked today's leading coaches at this year's Youth Baseball Summit that I hosted, their favorite bat speed methods:


And with so much advice, it's hard to know what to focus on.

But here's the advantage that we have today that wasn't available just years ago...

We can measure what works and what doesn't!

So I went and got a bat speed sensor and the Pocket Radar and put the drills to the test.

It was fascinating to see what drills made bat speeds go up...

...and what didn't seem to make any impact at all.


And here are two of the very best drills that I've found:

Drill #1 - Intent

Drill 2 - weighted balls and weighted bat

Take a look at the training I have ready for your son:

Lesson 1:  Mindset

Lesson 2: Intent

Lesson 3: Stance

Lesson 4: Separation

Lesson 5: Instinct

Lesson 6: Leg​s

Lesson 7: Extension

Not to brag here, but this training is outstanding...I wish I was given this when I was a player.

But hold on just one minute...

I've got two more things I want to share with you:


After I finished my playing days with the Astros I sold building materials.  Getting my website to rank on the first page of Google was really important, and one "SEO" company wanted $1,000 a month, and assured me that I'd be on page 1 after three months.

$3,000 would have been well worth it to achieve that result.  But the concern was...what if you DON'T get me on page 1??

These were just some random dudes from Indonesia...how was I supposed to trust them?

So I suggested to them that if they get me on page 1 in three months, I'll pay them $6,000, double what they're asking....BUT, if I'm not on page 1, I'll pay $500.

 (I wanted to offer $0 but knew that wouldn't fly).

What did they say?  "Welllllll, it's going to involve a lot of our time in creating links, blah blah blah."  So no agreement was made.

Because I wasn't investing in their time, I needed a result

And I know you are investing in your child's improvement, so if this program doesn't make your son a better player....boom, money back.

Zero risk to you.  

When this works, it'll be worth 5x what you invested, but if somehow you aren't in love then I'll get you taken care of, 100%.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is... GIVE THIS A TRY.  Don't let your son miss out.

And to make this even more of a no-brainer for you, I've got an added bonus:

It's called The Bulletproof Hitter, a 6 lesson program designed for young baseball players to help give them the tools to deal with their emotions and play better in games.

95% of kids have the same problem: 

They play great in practice but in games they're just....different.

Of course they are, they're nervous!

And it ALWAYS boils down to one thing:

The thoughts that are circulating in his head are out of control....

...saying negative, scary, self doubting things.

"I hope I don't mess up.  Don't strike out.  I'm awful."

Sorry to be "Captain Obvious" here, but there is no way for him to be successful on the baseball field with those thoughts his mind. 

By using 7 very simple concepts, I teach movements that can allow a player to tap into his power.

Again, I put this together trying to help my boy out in an area he could improve.

I went out and tried several drills and methods that supposedly improved bat speed...

...and I bought a Diamond Kinetics bat sensor to measure the results (now I use a Pocket Radar also).

Some drills didn't change the numbers much...

...and some changed them A LOT.

So I tried this on as many players as I could find, and bat speeds went up.

Every. Time.

Check out these *quick* improvements:

I've been a Jones and I'm living life currently as Lovejoy.

And it's good.  

It's definitely better.

There are REAL methods you can use to help your son manage his emotions.

And as you know, he's *so* close to being great.

He just has to get over that hump.

He just needs a little help.

So I've put together a training that your son has been missing out on.

And before I get into the details of the program, I want you to know one thing:

It just works.

I've been so excited about the feedback we've gotten from parents so far, because our kids - YOUR KID - want so badly to play well...

...and you'll spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in lessons and equipment...

and nothing on what is ACTUALLY holding him back.

Before today, you didn't know of an alternative - I know I didn't.

But your eyes are open now...

...and right now you have the opportunity to step up and give your son (or daughter:) a MAJOR dose of positive mindset, encouragement and emotional control training that he so desperately needs.

And all it takes is just a SINGLE concept to connect with your son to turn him into a totally different player on gameday...

...to go from a Jones to a Lovejoy.

Here's an email from a recent Bulletproof Hitter student:

So cool!

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