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I have to say that I had my doubts. I'll eat the crow now. I've never seen my son so relaxed and in the zone. Went 3-5 this weekend with 1 walk and 3 RBI. I cannot believe this worked so well.


"Thank you Clint.  Your programs have helped my son so much.  The Bulletproof Hitter is phenomenal.  You are a huge blessing to us.  Keep up the great work, we all love you Clint!!!"


Clint, I'm so glad we have come across your program.  We absolutely love it and I'm glad to see my son feel more confident.  It's changed the way he approaches the game and the way we talk before and after games.  He has been much happier regardless of how he performed.  Thank you!! 


I just had to reach out and thank you!! We watched the first 4 videos last weekend and this week he got a hit two hits to the outfield!!  He had a couple other hits and flew out but its been an amazing transformation!! We were able to talk through with him how what you said applies to him and he took it from there.  It's amazing to see his confidence grow this week and his love come back for the game!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!


My 9 year old son and I watched the first lesson before his game. He has had a horrible time controlling his emotions this season. I asked him what he could do differently after watching the video. He said that if he struck out he was going to keep his attitude in check. He even gets mad if he walks. Well in his fit 3 at bats he had 2 walks and 1 strikeout. Eli was able to stay calm through the entire game and in the bottom of the last inning he had a bases load 2 out walk off 2 RBI hit to win the game 8-7!


My son is on Lesson 3 and has shown a lot of progress in games after just listening to lessons 1 and 2. He went from being pulled out of the game due to his negative body language, batting once and striking out to playing an important position for 6 innings and going 3 for 3 with a single, double and triple. It was amazing how much he improved when he changed his expectations and had some coping skills when he or his team made mistakes. 


What age is this designed for?

How long is it and how do we watch?

Is this good for softball too?

Will this work for other sports?

How long do I have access to the program?

Is there a refund policy?

Well, this sounds legit....when can I get started?

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