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The SR Focus Bat – Contact Trainer


SR FOCUS– is our performance training bat line built specifically to increase FOCUS and hand-eye coordination improving the hitter’s performance at the plate. Our wood baseball bats are hand finished and made from high-quality billets with our expert wood workmanship.

Skinny Target Trainer
The skinny target trainer helps improve hand-eye coordination and focused accuracy with the bat. This swings like a normal bat while helping the hitter improved focused hand eye coordination.
  • Wood: Maple
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Enhances Control and Focus
  • Improves fine tuned muscle memory (forearms, hands & wrists)
  • Increases hitting target accuracy
  • Recommended for all hitters

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Notes from Clint: “I love this bat.  What amazed me is that you can hit REAL baseballs with it.  The kids all thought it would break but the reaction was always the same: Whoa this thing is strong!

“We’ll use this a lot with mini whiffle balls and the kids were really bat at it at first but have made quick progress….great to see!  I’d recommend picking up a Vuk Gripz or a Lizard skin grip with it as well.  Not a big deal unless you use real baseballs as it can ring the hands on a mis-hit.  GREAT training aid, maybe my favorite right now.”

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