Your son's superhero is: 
The Imposter!

His Kryptonite: Self Doubt


Quick definition for you:

Your son is fully capable of superhero performances at home and at practice...

but in games his kryptonite is his worry and self doubt!

Here's a quick definition:

"The Imposter Syndrome is a belief in which an individual doubts their accomplishments, and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud"."


Your son's swing, is NOT the problem!

Not only have I seen this with my own son...

but I have worked with over 2,000 young baseball players this past season...

and I am not exaggerating here when I say that almost EVERY player is loaded with self doubt....

and believes that any previous success they've had on the field was mostly a fluke.

Like, it could all unravel at any moment.

Feeling inferior is not only a bummer in general...

it also WRECKS a player's performance.

But I have really good news for you....

Self doubt *IS* a weakness that can be dramatically improved.

Check out this message from a recent student of mine:

I've got dozens of emails just like this.

Because the problem is always the same - 

Kids play great in practice and they struggle in games...

And the reason is that the thoughts in their head become overly negative, fearful and self-doubting.

It's so frustrating to watch as a parent, right?

Because his talent and ability is in there....you've seen it, you know that's true.

And most people think more reps in the cage are going to help this problem.

But you can't get new and exciting results with the same old approach.

I want to assure you right now...

...there is a better way.

Because there are really only two camps when it comes to fixing this problem:

1. Those that focus on improving their son's form (MORE HITTING LESSONS!)


2.  Those that focus on improving their son's thoughts.

If you've read my previous articles I call these camps, The Jones' and The Lovejoy's.  

The Jones' vs The Lovejoy's

The Jones' vs The Lovejoy's is a concept I came up with to help demonstrate the two camps or mindsets that us as parents and players operate within.

And you’re currently one of ’em.

Which one? … well, I think you'll discover that in a second.

But know this … one of them is struggling through this baseball process. The other is crushing it.

Meet the Jones family:

and now meet The Lovejoy's

I bet some of that sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Ok, lets go to the first self doubt crusher:

1.  You are not alone

For many players, simply KNOWING that The Imposter Syndrome is a thing and that EVERY player faces self doubt can be really freeing.

Years after my minor league career was over I went to a business conference in Las Vegas...

...and one of the speakers explained how The Imposter Syndrome was crushing millions of people in business and in all areas of life.

And when I heard those words I thought, "Oh my goodness!  That was ME!"

See when I played I was definitely a Jones.

Any time I moved up a level I'd have this mini mental-drama wondering...

Am I good enough to be here?

Meanwhile I'd inflate how good everyone else was.

I was comparing my inner feelings to others' outer appearance.

It's kinda like comparing your life to someone else's Instagram feed.

You focus on your mess and focus on their awesome vacation to Turks and Caicos!

Which is not only unfair...

it's inaccurate!

But just knowing that these self doubting thoughts WILL pop up in your mind...

...and everyone else's...

...can go a long way to not feeling bad about feeling bad.

2.  Act As If

I love this one...

This involves a lil role playing and visualization and is used by the Lovejoy's of the world.

Ask yourself, how would Aaron Judge feel in the on deck circle?

How would he stand?

How would Aaron Judge feel in the dugout after making an out?

Would he lose his confidence?  Would he say bad things about himself?  Would he think about quitting?


So YOU should behave the same way in those same situations.

Just straight up pretend if you have to.​

Here's a great quote from "The Inner Game of Tennis":

"With our athletes we use a type of role playing. 

We say, "Imagine that I am the director of a television series.  Knowing that you are an actor that plays tennis, I ask if you would like to do a bit part as a top-flight tennis player.  I assure you that you needn't worry about hitting the ball out or into the net because the camera will only be focused on you and will not follow the ball.  

What I'm mainly interested in is that you adopt professional mannerisms, and that you swing your racket with superior self-assurance.

Above all, your face must express no self doubt.  You should look as if you are hitting every ball exactly where you want to.  Really get into the role, hit as hard as you like and ignore where the ball is actually going."

This is so big.

You cannot wait to experience positive results before you start behaving with confidence.

I'm gonna say that again to make sure you get this one:

You cannot wait to experience positive results before you start behaving with confidence.

So act confident NOW, even if you don't have much reason to.  And THEN positive results will follow.

3. Use Power Keywords  

Wanna know one of the best kept secrets of the top 1% of performers?

It's the words they choose to say to themselves.

Former Olympic Rifleman and mental skills coach (and friend of mine) Lanny Bassham had a great example of this during his competition in Swiss...

and there is one more crucial element to becoming more like The Lovejoy's...

because there are two ways a player's emotions are influenced.

The first is through his own thoughts, which we've touched on already.

And the second is by what he is told.

Mom and Dad, if you want your son to play like a Lovejoy, YOU have to make some adjustments as well.

And this isn't a "Oh hey say nice things to your kid because this is just a game and it's the right thing to do."

There's a little bit of that involved, but this is more of:

"This is what is effective in getting your child to perform at his best."

How does the ride home sound in your car?

When little Jones has a sub par game, he gets in the car and the instructing begins...

"Your stance looked too narrow today, make sure you get wider."

"Remember what we worked on practice?  You didn't do that today."

"You're hitting a lot of pop ups, we need to hit the middle of the ball."

And Dad isn't wrong about any of these statements, but the fact remains...

...is that this isn't helping.

So little Jones came to the game nervous, made some mistakes and is now hearing all about it in the car.


But these problems need to be addressed, right? 

So, what does the Lovejoy family car ride look like?

Talking with Jono Armold, pitching coach with the Texas Rangers and holder of a Masters degree in Behavioral Psychology ...

...and all around great dude...

...his studies showed that players - like most everyone alive - don't like being told what to do.

(Shocker, I know)

But what they don't mind is being asked questions.

"How were you feeling out there today?"

"What do you think went well today?"

"What could have gone better?"

By asking questions, little Lovejoy is encouraged to take ownership of his own growth and improvement.

Because he's prompted to think about how to improve, he is not feeling embarrassed about his mistakes.

Instead of focusing on all of the mistakes like the Jones' car, the Lovejoy are focusing on solutions and improvement.

And do you really want to know the magic of asking questions?

This one is so important...

It's this:

Little Lovejoy almost always comes to the same conclusion that Dad wanted to tell him about in the first place.

So while Mr. Lovejoy is empowering his son and is now looking for new ways to strengthen his son's confidence...

Mr. Jones is suggesting more batting practice.

"We'll get some extra swings in the cage.  That will help iron it out."

But you tell me...

Will more swings in the cage fix the Jones' problem?

Not to brag here, but this training is outstanding...I wish I was given this when I was a player.

But hold on just one minute...

I've got two more things I want to share with you:

100% 200% "I Love it" GUARANTEE

After I finished my playing days with the Astros I sold building materials.  Getting my website to rank on the first page of Google was really important, and one "SEO" company wanted $1,000 a month, and assured me that I'd be on page 1 after three months.

$3,000 would have been well worth it to achieve that result.  But the concern was...what if you DON'T get me on page 1??

These were just some random dudes from overseas...how was I supposed to trust them?

So I suggested to them that if they get me on page 1 in three months, I'll pay them $6,000, double what they're asking....BUT, if I'm not on page 1, I'll pay $500.

 (I wanted to offer $0 but knew that wouldn't fly).

What did they say?  "Welllllll, it's going to involve a lot of our time in creating links, blah blah blah."  So no agreement was made.

Because I wasn't investing in their time, I needed a result

And I know you are investing in your child's improvement, so if this program doesn't make your son a better player, not only do you get your initial money back...

...I will pay YOU the investment amount!

200% guarantee...Zero risk to you.  

My wife said, "People are going to scam you!" (lol)

I said "I don't think they will, but if a few do and it means that more people were confident enough to share this training with their child, then I'm ok with that.

This is how serious I am about making your son better.

When this works, it'll be worth 5x what you invested, but if somehow you aren't in love then I'll get you taken care of, 200%.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is... GIVE THIS A TRY.  Don't let your son miss out.

And to make this even more of a no-brainer for you, I've got an added bonus:

It's called The MISSILE Method Bat Speed Program, which has been measured and proven to add 3-6 MPH of bat speed the first time through.

By using 7 very simple concepts, I teach movements that can allow a player to tap into his power.

Again, I put this together trying to help my boy out in an area he could improve.

I went out and tried several drills and methods that supposedly improved bat speed...

...and I bought a Diamond Kinetics bat sensor to measure the results (now I use a Pocket Radar also).

Some drills didn't change the numbers much...

...and some changed them A LOT.

So I tried this on as many players as I could find, and bat speeds went up.

Every. Time.

Check out these *quick* improvements:

Take a look at the training I have ready for your son:

Lesson 1:  Mind

Lesson 2: Intent

Lesson 3:  Stance

Lesson 4: Separation

Lesson 5: Instinct

Lesson 6: Legs

Lesson 7: Extension

I'm telling you, the MISSILE Method program alone is worth the investment.

Take it from another parent who wanted his son to have the best training possible:

The MISSILE Method is a $197 program that I'm throwing in completely free as a bonus to you for taking bold action and signing up for The Bulletproof Hitter.

Let's Get to Work!

At this point you're probably wondering how many hundreds this investment in your son is going to be.

As I said earlier, I want this to be as much of a no-brainer as possible. 

so for a limited time you can get The Bulletproof Hitter AND the MISSILE Method AND the 200% "I Love It" Guarantee and lifetime access for  $197  only $67 

Or you can invest that money in another local hitting lesson :/

So don't wait.  The investment amount will go back up to it's regular amount shortly.

I hope you truly believe me when I say that I WANT your son to encounter this training so that he can succeed.

This training works, and it's not okay for your son be 18 or 20 years old when he encounters some of these concepts that could have made the difference (or in most cases, never at all).

It will be too late!

You have an opportunity right now to step up and help your son.

And seriously, what is your other alternative?  Keep *hoping* he pulls it together?

The mind is a wild, destructive animal when left alone.

You have to take action.

Your son wants to play better, he wants to control his emotions...

and I will help him do just that.

That's my promise to you.

Click that button, you'll be very pleased you did!

Thanks, God Bless you and your family and now let's get to work!!

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