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In order to get your full team set up, please email [email protected] one (1) email per player/family and we will set up each member with their own account to access the programs!

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STEP 4: Check out these Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  "How do you recommend that we watch the videos?  Together?  All videos at once or one at a time?

I'd suggest that you go through the videos slowly, maybe a couple a day.  Ideally you can watch together, but there can be no "See I told you!" type of commentary from the parent, haha!  If a player is self conscious about needing help in this area (he shouldn't be, but I get it) then maybe it's good to let him watch them on his own.  Most parents have watched with their kids.

2. Can we rewatch the videos?

Yes.  The course requires that you go through each video and quiz in order, but once completed you are free to go back to any video as often as you like....

...which is very helpful.  The biggest key is to lasting success comes from consistency, so I'd recommend you watch regularly.  Find what works for you, but I'd recommend watching at least one video a week after you've completed the course.

These strategies work SO well but can easily be forgotten until they become habit...so stick with it!

3.  Does my access expire?

Nope!  You have lifetime access to your Baseball Notes courses.

*Check your email in about 5 mins for the link to your programs...*

... if you have any trouble reach out to me at [email protected]

Can't wait to get started with your kid, I pray the program has a massive impact on their results and their confidence!

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