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Join the 41,497 families enjoying better results and attitude 

You've tried it all, but still...

✔️Your kid won't listen to you

✔️ You can't find the right words for a struggling player

✔️ Your kid is too emotional on game day.

✔️Home workout sessions always end in conflict

✔️  Your encouragement still has no effect!

But don't worry, you haven't tried this!

Thousands of parents have felt the same frustration and struggle and found a way forward with our method, The Bulletproof Parent

What you'll learn in our 5-Star online course:

  • What to say to your kid BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a game to get them to perform their best.
  • What NOT to say in those moments so you don't make things worse!
  • How to give your kid advice WITHOUT starting a conflict
  • How to get your kid to be CONFIDENT on the field regardless of results.
  • How to get your kid to EMBRACE failure and not be so hard on themselves (huge!)
  • How to deal with a crying or overly emotional player.
  • How to approach a disagreement with a coach - without them feeling challenged . their kid to simply
  • How to get your kid to simply enjoy the game again
  • How much baseball/softball is too much.....and much more!

I have good news: The Bulletproof Parent gives any parent on any budget the power to transform their sport experience.

You may be wondering "This sounds great, but how do I know it will work?"

Hey, we get it.

That's what I'd be thinking too.  Two points to consider:

1) Over 20,000 other families have proven the Bulletproof Parent has been massively impactful.

Listen to REAL parents just like you:

"Hey Clint.  I'm glad to have come across your baseball series.  We absolutely love it and  it has changed the way we talk before and after games.  He has been much happier regardless of how he performed."  

"We are AMAZED at the transformation in Jake!  It has literally changed him and it's truly unbelievable!"

And the second point to make this a no-brainer investment:

You are fully protected by our 100% Improvement-Guarantee.

We believe in this training so much we want you to just tryit....risk free.  So you have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you don't love the program.  I know what it's like to find something online and I am going to make this investment safe and easy for you.  Zero risk.  Nothing but good things ahead if you step up for your child.

Right now you can either:

 A) Just cross your fingers and "really hope" that these problems solve themselves...


B) Get the simple parent training to shortcut yourself to better results.

  You are one click away from a better experience, risk free.


If you order today you'll also get FREE access to all of the expert sessions from The Youth Baseball Summit!!

Over 34 sessions from today's top trainers and coaches where you'll learn:

-How to improve velocity

-Why you should NEVER ice your arm

-How to improve vision at the plate

-How to hit for more power

-Why long toss is essential for arm health

-Why the US trails latin countries in player development (and what YOU can do about it)

-and so much more...

And all of our programs come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee......so you get access to ALL of this training - which has TRANSFORMED THOUSANDS of players/families who have stepped up to try something new - All without any risk to you!  It's a no brainer, I promise you're gonna love it.

Choose a package below for instant access:

Bulletproof Packages


The revolutionary program!


197  $97

  • Instant and Lifetime  Access to all of the lessons from The Bulletproof Parent ($197 value)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • One Family Registration
  • Free Bonus: ALL expert trainings from The Youth Baseball Summit ($297 value)



997  only $297

  • Everything included in the Player/Parent package, plus:
  • Swing Made Easy with MLB Hitting Coach Mike Brumley ($197 value)
  • Youth Pitching Made Easy ($49 value)
  • The Bulletproof Body - Daily Body Maintenance to Prevent Injury ($97 value)

Don't wait.  I promise you'll be amazed at what's possible when given a little bit of guidance on how to handle the choppy waters of youth sports.  

Click the package above and let's get started, you're gonna love it!!

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