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Welcome to The VIP Experience!

SUPER excited to have you on board!!!

We're planning on making the most out of 2019 and I'm excited to help your kid/team accelerate their growth as well!

You'll be getting 2 videos a week from me (under 5 mins...I know people are busy!!) delivered to your email on file.

I'll start the week by sharing what we'll be focusing on at practice + our practice schedule, and a second will be a short brush up from either The Bulletproof Hitter, Mike Brumley's Unchained Method or something I find valuable (this will be the same video I send to the very players that I coach!).

AND, one of the best perks for you is that this is a beta program and I want to HEAR FROM YOU on how I can help and how I can make this experience even better.  

So if you have a question, email [email protected] and in the subject put "VIP" so I can give that response priority.  It's hard to get to everyone's emails at time but I will BE SURE to get to all marked VIP.

Can't wait to get started, and again, if you have any questions just let me know!!