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Walk, Walk, Swing

Rx'd: 2 Rounds of 5

Key Points:

-Start w/ lead foot

-Stay square with chest

-Focus on moving the body with hands still "available"

-Swing over all 3 balls

-Be patient to start....most young hitters take a little bit to get their footwork/rhythm

"I watched several of your videos the day of our game and then met with each of our players during warmups, gave them a simple routine that I implemented from watching a few of your videos and was hoping for the best. Long story short, one player that had swung only once in 6 games went 3-3 with a walk and one player that had struck out in his previous 6 plate appearances went 4-4! You've never seen bigger smiles in your life.  We ended up banging out 19 hits in a big win. I can't wait to keep going over your videos and slowly adding in a new lesson as the season progresses. The way you simplify things is absolutely perfect to get across to 11-12 year olds and 45 year old coaches."

Jason F.

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