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Learn the Movements that Matter to Throw Harder and Improve Arm Health

...without needing a degree in biomechanics to understand and apply!

In under 30 minutes I will teach you the 7 Movements to focus on to get your young player on the right track to throwing their best. 

The best time for your player to start using good pitching mechanics was yesterday.

The next best time is today

If you have noticed, pitching has changed A LOT over the last few years.

Data and technology have discovered the key positions the body needs to be in to increase a player's velocity.  

Which is great!!

But there's a problem:

This new style of teaching is really confusing!

If you've ever watched a major leaguer get their throw diagnosed you'll hear words like "Linear" "Pronate"  "Axis"....and those are the ones I know how to spell :)

Those words don't work for young players (or most older players either).

So I've put together this guide - think of it as a cheat sheet - that breaks the throw down into 7 positions (actually 1 concept and 6 positions) that a young player should focus on.

No fancy jargon.  No long winded explanations.

Nothing but a simple translation of what's being taught - and having massive success - at the highest levels, and how we can get our young players into these same positions.

Mastering these 7 movements/concepts will help keep them healthy, add velocity and have a BIG advantage over their peers.

Meet the Coach - Clint McGill

After my playing days were over (minor leaguer with the Astros) I started a family and began coaching my son through the youth experience.

I was shocked how little the "good stuff" was being taught to the younger players - and in many cases not taught at all.

So, I founded Baseball Notes and created The Youth Baseball Summit (along with a variety of other programs) aiming to connect today's young players/families with the most trusted and effective training on the planet.  

All while keeping it fun and positive 

In the last 3 years we've had over 10,000 baseball and softball players go through our programs - making Baseball Notes one of the most trusted sports sites online today.

And I'm super excited about The Youth Pitching Made Easy.

I love analytics but don't love how it's presented - way too complicated.

I believe this program is a must for any parent or coach who is looking to help their young pitcher but isn't sure where to get started.

This program is for you.


Once you sign up you'll instantly get an email with your login information to the website, and from there you'll be able to view the 24 minute program.

During our research we found that there are very few "100% Universal Rules" in throwing - there are always exceptions, but there is a lot of overlap taught by today's best coaches that will help a player of any age to throw harder...

...and to use their body more effectively - which will decrease the stress on the elbow/shoulder and promote better arm health.

The pitching motion contains literally 1,000's and 1,000's of movements in a short amount of time - which is what makes instruction so confusing....

But in this program we make it easier for you and your player by breaking the throw into just 7 key  components (one concept and six positions)....

So you are free to focus on the moves that make the most impact and create a solid foundation as your kid gets older.

You are literally just minutes away from learning the most effective and proven movements involved in the throwing motion.

All you have to do is click the button below.

And if you still have any hesitation (hey, I get it - this is the internet!) I want to make it 100% clear that you can trust me and this program by providing a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Yep that's right.

So either you learn a ton and your player(s) have healthier, more dynamic motions or you don't pay.

Zero risk to you.  

There's no better deal than that.

So this is a safe place, and I'm proud of how this turned out.....you're not gonna want to miss it.


Considering the hundreds of hours of research and interviews that have gone into this program - and the value of getting an edge on the competition - this program should probably be about $500 or more.

BUT, I want to make this as no-brainer as possible for you - so the program is available for:


Only $49!

That's less than the cost of a single local pitching lesson...

 (and less than what my kids spend at the concession when we go to a tournament, haha.)

So give it a try!

Parents and coaches like us just want to give our kids the best chance to succeed...

...and will do whatever it takes to help them along their path.

And what's being taught in 2021 is not the same as 2001, so be sure your kid is getting good guidance.

There's nothing to lose for you and everything to gain.

Watching your kid use more dynamic positions is gonna give them a big advantage on the field...

...and keep their arm healthier in the short and long run.

So give that button a click and lets get started....you'll be so happy you did!

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