Baseball Notes – Confidence CAN be taught

Players perform well in practice but struggle in games....and the reason is always the same:

The thoughts in their head become negative, fearful and self doubting.

We can fix this.

There are REAL strategies players can use to control their emotions.

We give your player the training they truly need, and help them become a more successful, confident and resilient player. šŸ‘Š

Our Latest Project

The Bulletproof Hitter

Big League Confidence Training Course

It's the REAL problem that is killing playing careers - self doubt.  Young players kill it during practice but then struggle during games......why is that?

Well we've figured it out - it's self doubt.  But while "Be more confident" is perfect advice, it is terrible instruction.

I show young players HOW to combat their negative thoughts and fears - and to allow their best self shine through on game day.  These are strategies taught only to *some* of our highest level Olympians and professionals.  It is a crime we haven't supported our youth in this area.  And to prove I am not a scammer šŸ™‚  this has a 100% success rate guarantee.  If it doesn't help, you don't pay.

Happy People:

(Bulletproof Hitter Responses)

Today was the first time I have ever seen my son so happy. He went 1-2 RBI single and strikeout. After his strikeout he pitched a scoreless inning giving up a walk and base hit with 2 strikeouts. He keeps referring to himself as "Carson 2". He said thank you Clint after the game. And I also want to say thank you. I let my kids play care free tonight and they won 15-0.ā€    - Kyle

Hey, Clint. Iā€™m glad to have come across your baseball video series. We absolutely love it and Iā€™m glad to see my son feel more confident in the batters box. It has changed the way he approaches hitting and the way we talk before and after games. He has been much happier regardless of how he performed.ā€œ  - Jeff C

Just wanted to say thanks for the videos. My son and I sat and went through them a couple at a time. He went from hitting in the bottom of the lineup, struggling to get a hit a game, to hitting in the 5 hole and being one of the power hitters on the team. He finished the season with a batting average just under .400. He would even rewatch one before every game, thanks again.


Starting playing like you practice and crush it on gameday!


Increase your batspeed by following these easy drills.


Coming soon to Baseball Notes... strength & mobility training! 

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"Clint, I'm not sure if you read these or not but I want to say THANK YOU! My son LOVES your videos and emails.  They help him mentally prepare for games and even practice."

"You can measure a person by what it takes to discourage them."

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