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Just wanted to say thanks for the videos. My son and I sat and went through them a couple at a time. He went from hitting in the bottom of the lineup, struggling to get a hit a game, to hitting in the 5 hole and being one of the power hitters on the team. He finished the season with a batting average just under .400. He would even rewatch one before every game, thanks again.

Bill H. 


I am very thankful you took the time to put this material together, Coop is watching the videos and responding really well to them, asks questions, wants to watch them, tells me what he is going to do and then traces it back to what he was doing in the past. Job well done, Clint, I will keep you updated on his progress.

Danny M.


We just watched a couple videos and completed the quiz. I asked him what he thought and he said, “Dad he’s good. Everything he just said is me, that’s how I feel when I’m hitting!” Thank you for putting out this product, I know it will help him understand his inner feelings and compete differently at the plate.

Errick P.

Started this program 5 games ago with my son and he’s killing it again.  Something just clicked and he’s back full of confidence.  Thank you!”    - Ashley S.
Wow, he went 3 for 3 on Sunday. What an improvement.”  - Shane H.

"Season prior to watching your videos:

AVG: 9 for 52 (.173)

Ks: 27 in 68 plate appearances 39.7%

First 10 games post videos:

AVG: 5 for 14 (.357)

Ks: 4 in 18 plate appearances 22%

This last tournament especially, his swings looked much more fluid and confident.

I am excited to see what is still to come! Thank you for that!!" -Corey W.

Hi Clint,

I don’t know if you really get these emails yourself, or not, but I am hoping you do. I am not a person that believes in all these millions of advertised baseball videos. In my opinion most are out for a quick buck and don’t really care about their consumer. When I first read your Facebook post, I couldn’t stop! I felt like you really got it. But I must admit, I was still hesitant. Is this just another scam to get a quick buck? During this same time period, my son was struggling so much, I figured I had to try something else. I had to see for myself if this would work.

For the past 2 weeks, my son has watched your lessons repeatedly. Since watching these videos he has gone 10 for 17 in his last 24 PA, including his first 2 HR’s ever! (They where inside the park but legit shots Lol). The best of this entire streak is what he told me after hitting his first HR. So let me take you to the hit itself. He fouls of the very first pitch, then swings and misses... strike 2. I can now see he is starting to worry. Takes the next pitch outside... ball 1. What happens next is simply unbelievable. He steps out the box. Take a deep breath, focuses on something, gets back in the box, then wham!!! Shot to right field that hits the fence. He comes back to the dugout after touching home plate, comes right over to me and says “dad... I stepped out the box, I focused on self 1 vs self 2 and then I started to quiet self 1 down”.

What you have done for my son I can’t put into words. You have really helped transform him into such an amazing player. The player we all knew he could be. I hope you are in fact reading this email and understand the gratitude and admiration I have for you, is simply beyond this world! Thank you for actually caring about the individual who is actually looking for help mentally when they have no where else to turn to. You sir are THE MAN!!!

Today was the first time I have ever seen my son so happy. He went 1-2 rbi single and strikeout. After his strikeout he pitched a scoreless inning giving up a walk and basehit with 2 strikeouts. He keeps referring to himself as Carson 2. He said thank you Clint after the game. And I also want to say thank you. I let my kids play care free tonight and they won 15-0.”    - Kyle
Hey, Clint. I’m glad to have come across your baseball video series. We absolutely love it and I’m glad to see my son feel more confident in the batters box. It has changed the way he approaches hitting and the way we talk before and after games. He has been much happier regardless of how he performed.“  - Jeff C.
Baseball Notes Review

"Clint,  we purchased your program back in April. Hayden (my son/10u AAA) and I completed the series.  He started playing select ball about 5 seasons ago and has mostly struggled at the plate. He was able to mask his OBP by being very patient at the plate and taking a lot of walks. Quality at bats had been non-existent up until about two months ago, which coincides with the time line in which we were actively going through the Bulletproof Hitter program. During this two month stretch he has absolutely ripped the cover off the ball which has also spilled over to better defense for him. This past Saturday in a USSSA tournament here in TX he hit the fence on the fly about halfway up, he only missed hitting out by a few feet.  This is by no ways a platform for me to brag (albeit I was very proud), but a testament to the program. Hayden and I had a talk last night and I asked him what changed for him, why had he become a beast at the plate and so aggressive…..his response “my mindset is completely different”. I absolutely suspected it was your program, however I wanted to hear it from him.  Thank you so much for putting this together!"   Steve L.

"Hi Clint, I would like to tell you Thank you for your inspiration for my 10u player. My son is Drew and he is playing travel ball this year and was struggling with the mental side of the game . Since your videos and posts and good vibes he is doing a lot better. This weekend his drive to achieve is outstanding. Went 7 for 10 at the plate 1 walk and 1 free base from wild pitch . He had 5 rips to the out field, what a improvement. He is pumped about his success, on the field and in the batters box . So thank you for all your good advice it made a difference with Drew."  

Jason H.

"Hey buddy. I’m so pleased with your video series. This is the side of baseball that very rarely is taught to any of our kids until it’s to late. I’m so thankful we found you."     Daniel S.

"I wanted to touch base with you after going through the videos with my kid...

We finished up last night and headed to my basement where we have a full cage. We were talking about ways to quiet self 1 and acting like the best version of himself. Basically trying things to see what works for him. He's normally a kid who reacts negatively to one swing that he views as bad.

That bad swing happened and something cool happened. He stepped out of the box, did something internally, stepped back in the box, looked calm and smoked the next pitch. I told him that I don't know what you just did but that was awesome. Remember what you did and use that.

We have our last tournament of the summer this weekend. For the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to coaching him this weekend."

I hope life is treating you well…I wanted to tell you that I purchased the Bulletproof Hitter for my 13 year old son about half way through his travel season, and it was truly helpful! I’m extremely grateful that I ran across this product and with the money back guarantee it was a no brainer. This was a very trying season for my son as puberty has set in full swing, and he’s finding it difficult to control his feelings (Temper). He would get angry so easily in the field if something didn’t go his way.  With the bulletproof system the kid went on a tear leading our team in everything but walks! Needless to say I saw this program work right in front of my eyes as I coach his team and run the organization he plays for. 

After seeing this work so well with my son I’d like to bring your program into our organization as a major training tool for all our teams. We recently added a film/viewing room to the facility we train in, and I would love to put your system to work at all age groups. Players from 8U thru 18U can all benefit from the mental tips and tricks you teach!   Thanks again sincerely, 

One formerly frustrated dad and coach

Note from Clint: I've got many more testimonials that I'd love to share - but this page is getting a little long....and I think you get the point:

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-Clint McGill

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