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Baseball Notes Courses

Our flagship program!  Finally give your player the simple training to control their thoughts and emotions to play better, be more resilient and more confident on game day.

Get advanced MLB training that is EASY to apply!  

The single best hitting program available today (no exaggeration if I do say so 🙂 ) Perfect for 7 year olds or 37 year olds

Parents mean well, but too often WE are the cause of our kid's poor performance/mindset.  Simple strategies to skyrocket your player's performance and strengthen YOUR relationship.

Accelerate your growth and learn the latest advanced techniques during 34 expert speaker sessions from today's top professional coaches, trainers and more!

Pitchers (especially young ones) are TELEGRAPHING what they're going to throw.

Laying off pitches (chase rate) is the #1 indicator of success, and knowing what pitch is coming helps tremendously.  

Learn the top 8 tells to watch for on game day.

The biggest opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in baseball/softball:

Improving Strength/Speed/Mobility.  Kids aren't as strong as they should be today, and it's killing their performance and durability.  Run faster, hit harder, be stronger.