Podcast – Baseball Notes
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MUST LISTEN: Episode 29 - Lauren Johnson - Mental Performance Coach - How Youth Players Can Move On From Frustrations like Major Leaguers

Episode 28 - Zach Dechant of TCU Baseball - 5 Movements Patterns Your Player MUST Master

Episode 27 - Jon Solomon of Aspen Institute - A Better Model For Youth Baseball

Episode 26 - My Best Baseball Memories (from Keep Baseball Great podcast)

Episode 25 - Playing Poorly Well

Episode 24 - Achieving your goals with GRATTITUDE - with Ricky Mendez

Episode 23 - 5 Simple Tips to Crush Any Fastball

Episode 22 - Building an Elite Athlete to Increase Velocity - Brent Porciau w/ Top Velocity

Episode 21 - 5 Tips - that actually work - to end fear of getting hit by the ball

Episode 20 - You Cannot Think and See at the Same Time - Vision Training w/ Ryan Harrison

Episode 19 - How to Achieve Your Goals with This One Missing Step - Mike Szcezniak

Episode 18 - The Movement Principles of A Big League Swing - MLB Hitting Coordinator Mike Brumley

Episode 17 - What Youth Pitchers Should Do to Throw Hard and Stay Safe - Yankees Pitching Director/Driveline Baseball Sam Briend

Episode 16 - Truths and Myths of Youth Strength/Speed Training - Christian Ballard

*Top voted episode by coaches* Episode 15 - Why Your American Baseball Player Will Get Released in A-Ball - Nate Trosky

Episode 14 - Does Playing Multi-sports really help?  The biggest mistake parents make in the recruiting process and the biggest opportunity for players to play in college - with Coach Ferber (Jason Ferber)

Episode 13 - Use simple body forces to increase power at the plate - Joey Myers

Episode 12 - Ask Coach Clint - Tryouts

Episode 11 - Feeling the Flow and Tuning out the Drama - Part 2 with Alan Jaeger

Episode 10 - Volume is King - Why Kids Should throw MORE to Improve Arm Health - Part 1 with Alan Jaeger

Episode 9 - The Key to Hitting Better in Games, Overused Buzzwords, and Faith and Baseball - Troy Silva

Episode 8 - Avoid the Biggest Trap in Baseball - Steve Springer

Episode 7 - How to Build A 95MPH Body - Ben Brewster

Episode 6 - Ask Coach Clint - How to Motivate Someone with Poor Work Ethic, Dealing with a Toxic Teammate, More

Episode 5 - The great Pitching Ninja!  How a Dad Raised a 95 MPH thrower

Episode 4 - How To FEEL Confident on The Field - Phillies Mindset Coach Hannah Heusman

Episode 3 - Why You Should NEVER Ice Your Arm - Gary Reinl

Episode 2 - Death To Towel Drills - AAA Diamondbacks Pitching Coach Jeff Bajenaru

Episode 1 - How to Field Ground Balls Like a Latin, What Big League Hitters Do Differently - Former MLB Player and Coach Garth Iorg

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