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Bare Hand Throws

Rx'd: 1-2 rounds of 7 - each hand

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BONUS: Resistance Band Addition

Key Points:

-Work from square position (hips and shoulders)

-Front elbow under chin

-Avoid spinning (recruiting shoulder)

-Quiet lower half, don't be too quick with knees/hips

-Knee stays behind hip

-Loose shoulders

-Keep rear shoulder from driving downward toward ball (posture)

Clint's notes:  one trick I've found to work well with the lead hand ball throw is to stand about 1' in front of the hitter's chest during the throw.  Often kids want to "cast" their arm and just toss it with a straight arm.  Make sure they go in more of a straight path than a "round" path.  "Thumb down"  is a good cue for them.

Crushing fear and self doubt on the baseball field

"Clint,  we purchased your program back in April. Hayden (my son/10u AAA) and I completed the series.  He started playing select ball about 5 seasons ago and has mostly struggled at the plate. He was able to mask his OBP by being very patient at the plate and taking a lot of walks. Quality at bats had been non-existent up until about two months ago, which coincides with the time line in which we were actively going through the Bulletproof Hitter program. During this two month stretch he has absolutely ripped the cover off the ball which has also spilled over to better defense for him. This past Saturday in a USSSA tournament here in TX he hit the fence on the fly about halfway up, he only missed hitting out by a few feet.  This is by no ways a platform for me to brag (albeit I was very proud), but a testament to the program. Hayden and I had a talk last night and I asked him what changed for him, why had he become a beast at the plate and so aggressive…..his response “my mindset is completely different”. I absolutely suspected it was your program, however I wanted to hear it from him.  Thank you so much for putting this together!"   Steve L.

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