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Finish: 1 Hand or 2?

Time stamps:

0:55  Don't see many guys take hand off inside pitch.  Outer half is okay.

1:12  Mike's favorite drill for 1 hand finishers

1:55  Foot pivot is more part of finish...not a driver

2:50  Love to see guys still rotating DURING contact vs finishing right at contact

3:45  On the low pitch, hit a low line drive.  Don't try to lift.

4:48  Hands aren't fast enough to get on high FB.  Have to turn with core.

6:34  No one way to hit but there are principles you must be able to apply.

Crushing fear and self doubt on the baseball field

"Hi Clint, I would like to tell you Thank you for your inspiration for my 10u player. My son is Drew and he is playing travel ball this year and was struggling with the mental side of the game . Since your videos and posts and good vibes he is doing a lot better. This weekend his drive to achieve is outstanding. Went 7 for 10 at the plate 1 walk and 1 free base from wild pitch . He had 5 rips to the out field, what a improvement. He is pumped about his success, on the field and in the batters box . So thank you for all your good advice it made a difference with Drew."  

Shane H.

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