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No mastering this

Time Stamps:

1:30  You cannot master this.

1:32  What we feel - we keep.

1:45  I want my player ocused on what he's feeling....not my reaction

3:07  Hlep kid become his own coach

4:22  "Hey swing at strikes" is not helpful

5:39  Don't get tied to results

7:58  Free and easy mindset

8:48  Manny Ramire practice habit - eye patch

9:40  "Principles"  >  "Mechanics"

9:45  Principles of hitting

10:45  Not one way to teach, you have to experiment with what works for the individual.

11:12  Can you hit when your timing is not perfect?

12:00  How to manage a hitter's wants.

CRUSHING fear and self doubt on the baseball field

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