Self Toss – Baseball Notes

Self Toss

Rx'd: 1 Round of 7-10

Key Points:

-Hold bat in lead hand.

-Toss ball no higher than front shoulder

-Step in with back foot

-Flow, flow flow.  Create a nice, smooth rhythm here.  Notice the tension....then get rid of it.

[Note: This drill with my young guys was surprisingly rocky to start.  Swings and misses everywhere.  I was like, "I had no idea you guys were bad at this!!"  But this has turned into one of the most beneficial drills for that reason....improving bat on ball, hand/eye.  So to begin, player may need to figure out their rhythm just to make contact.  But once they're consistently doing that, remember that this is all about RHYTHM.  Look how relaxed Mike is.  He never rushes.  Like he says, "Don't rush, be on time."  Such a monsterous concept that I'll say it again: Don't rush, be on time.  THAT is our goal here.]

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