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Unchained: Timing

Time stamps:

0:12  "Don't rush, be on time."

1:37  Leg kick should be at the pace of gravity.  Don't rush & don't hang (stall)

3:18  Most hitters "flinch" when they decide to go instead of maintaining rhythm

4:12  "Make sure he throws a strike" will create hesitation in a hitter

4:57  Biggest key for successful hitters is swinging at strikes (chase rate)

6:25  You are swinging.  Expect a strike.

7:10  Focusing only on having a smooth stride can help rhythm and timing.

8:50  Count how many good strides you can take per game.

9:35  Don't try to get a hit.  Go out and execute the process of your swing

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I am very thankful you took the time to put this material together, Coop is watching the videos and responding really well to them, asks questions, wants to watch them, tells me what he is going to do and then traces it back to what he was doing in the past. Job well done, Clint, I will keep you updated on his progress.

Danny M.


We just watched a couple videos and completed the quiz. I asked him what he thought and he said, “Dad he’s good. Everything he just said is me, that’s how I feel when I’m hitting!” Thank you for putting out this product, I know it will help him understand his inner feelings and compete differently at the plate.

Errick P. 


Just wanted to say thanks for the videos. My son and I sat and went through them a couple at a time. He went from hitting in the bottom of the lineup, struggling to get a hit a game, to hitting in the 5 hole and being one of the power hitters on the team. He finished the season with a batting average just under .400. He would even rewatch one before every game, thanks again.

Bill H.

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