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Short Bat – Single Hand

Rx'd: 1 Round of 7, each hand

Key Points:

-No stride.

-Front elbow starts under chin.

-Flips to be tossed at belly button.

-Stay square to pitcher - not flipper.

-Rest bat on shoulder to start.

-Knob points toward catcher

-Keep barrel inside hands

-Set front hip closed as long as possible

Short bat hack:  One cool way I've heard of people making their own short bat is to cut a short wooden curtain rod down to about 22" or so and do this drill with whiffle balls.  Such a good teaching drill, don't let lack of a short bat stop you from keeping this in the routine!! 🙂

CRUSHING fear and self doubt on the baseball field

"Hey buddy. I’m so pleased with your video series. This is the side of baseball that very rarely is taught to any of our kids until it’s to late. I’m so thankful we found you."

- Daniel S.

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