Perfectionist or Optimalist? – Baseball Notes

Reading Harvard professor Ben Shal-Tahar’s book “The Pursuit of Perfect”…

(fair warning…I loved this book….prepare to hear about it again :))

…he talks about The Perfectionist vs The Optimalist.

Here’s a quote:

“In essence, Perfectionists reject everything that deviates from their flawless, faultless ideal vision…

…and as a result they suffer whenever they do not meet their own unrealistic standards. 

Optimalists accept, and make the best of, everything that life has to offer.”

Do you know a player who is a Perfectionist?

I know kids who will go 2-3….

….and be so upset after the game about the great catch that was made on their out.

Listen guys, if you can’t have a good day….

….on your GOOD day…

…you’re in trouble.

When you’ve agreed to play this game, you’ll have plenty of good moments….

…and plenty of “bad”.

Failure is unavoidable, inevitable and absolutely required.

…and you’re saying saying yes to ALL of it.

To be an Optimalist, you’ve gotta welcome the negative moments and learn to roll with them.

“What did I learn from this challenge?”

“How am I benefiting from this challenge/tough moment/etc”?

Those are questions Optimalists will ask themselves.

This game is not for perfectionists, it will eat you up quick.

Those who can be resilient, who can make multiple outs/errors/mistakes without going in the tank…

….and can view those moments as OPPORTUNITIES to improve…

…will have a FARRRRRRR better chance of reaching their goals.

Be an Optimalist, no Perfectionalists allowed here 🙂

Go get em guys!

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