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Perfectionist or Optimalist?

Reading Harvard professor Ben Shal-Tahar's book "The Pursuit of Perfect"...

(fair warning...I loved this book....prepare to hear about it again :))

...he talks about The Perfectionist vs The Optimalist.

Here's a quote:
Read More

The ONLY 3 questions you should ask your player after a game.

The single worst question you could ask a kid after a competition is... Read More

3 Simple Steps for Your Son To Be More Resilient On the Baseball Field

How would you feel if you made TWENTY THREE outs in one week? And struck out six times? And had three of those strike outs in ONE GAME! (in front of a huuuuge crowd, no less). Probably pretty lousy right? Read More
The Arm - Jeff Passan

The Arm – Jeff Passan

"For 130 years, pitchers have thrown a baseball overhand, and for 130 years, doing so has hurt them." Read More

The Way of Baseball – Shawn Green

"Like so many other businesses, baseball tolerates the unconventional so long as you're getting hits." Isn't that the truth. Read More
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